Dear editor, 

Fuel prices are through the roof right now. With gas around $4 a gallon and diesel over $5 a gallon, it’s not only getting harder and harder for families to afford the necessary travel we need to do, but these prices are directly impacting things like our food prices – as farmers use diesel to plant and harvest crops and diesel goes to move the supplies we all need to survive. That’s why I think it’s insane to think that some want to shut down a pipeline in northern Wisconsin that transports over a half million barrels of oil and natural gas liquids each day.

Those barrels go to places like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan to be refined into the gas, diesel and propane we all use in Wisconsin to get to work, move and produce the products we need, and heat our homes. The Enbridge Line 5 pipeline is critical to our regional energy supply. We cannot let it be shut down. That’s why I hope the Wisconsin DNR will quickly approve the permits needed to keep the pipeline open and ignore the small vocal group of radical environmentalists looking to make our lives even harder. 

Betty Dotseth of Wausau

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