Tyler J. Schewe, 26, of Wausau. April 21, 2022: Fourth-offense OWI, resisting or obstructing an officer, operating while revoked

By Shereen Siewert

A 26-year-old Wausau man is facing charges of fourth- and fifth-offense drunken driving after incidents that happened just hours apart.

Police say Tyler Schewe was so intoxicated when he was arrested April 19 he was taken to the intensive care unit of a local hospital – but left the hospital before officers arrived to issue his citation. Less than 20 hours later he was arrested again, this time after allegedly driving off Hwy. 29 into a ditch, according to court documents.

After the April 20 crash, Schewe allegedly refused to leave his vehicle and a nearly two-hour standoff ensued. An arrest team was formed to take Schewe into custody and did so after breaking his front passenger window and spraying oleoresin capsicum spray into the vehicle, court documents show. He was again transported to Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

In addition to drunken driving, Schewe is facing charges of resisting or obstructing an officer and operating while revoked. He is being held on a $5,000 cash bond.

On May 2, Schewe was bound over for arraignment and trial. A pretrial conference is set for May 17.