Wausau Pilot & Review

Wausau’s Public Health and Safety Committee on Monday approved requests from restaurants and bars related to an outdoor party, summer entertainment and building of a canopy outside a restaurant in the right-of-way in the downtown area.

The committee approved a request from Lemongrass, 316 N. 3rd St., to build a 15-foot canopy to be placed over the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, allowing patrons to eat outside during all seasons. According to a memo from the city’s staff to the committee, the canopy and its supports would remain in place seasonally, from May 1 to Oct. 31.

The staff recommended a change in the city’s ordinance since the existing zoning code does not allow for aluminum or suspended metal canopies in the downtown Historic Mixed Use (DHMU), adding that a good portion of the 300, 400 and 500 blocks of North 3rd Street are zoned Downtown Historic District.

Committee members discussed the possibility that other restaurants might want to emulate Lemongrass. They decided against recommending any ordinance change since limiting the canopy construction on the Washington Square portion of the street would be permissible even without the change. For other restaurants making a similar possible request, the PHS Committee will take action if and when such requests came their way.

Similarly, the PHS Committee also approved Matt’s 101 Pub’s request to host an outdoor party on May 21. A memo from Mary Goede, the city’s Deputy Clerk, said the owner of the pub on 101 N. 3rd Ave., Matt Brewer, received permission to use a portion of his parking lot for an outdoor beer garden last year but that is yet to be completed. Brewer wanted to use his parking lot for the outdoor event.

Likewise, the committee approved a request from The Glass Hat owner, Gisela Marks, to hold musical entertainment for the 2022 summer season. Deputy Clerk Goede’s memo said the bar, at 1203 N. 3rd St. already has an approval for an outdoor beer garden. Marks requested permission for three days each in June and August and one day in September. There was no program slated for in July as yet. The committee approved the request on the condition that all music stop at 10 p.m.

The committee denied operator’s license for resident Katrina Pelletier based on a recommendation from Wausau Police Department. The WPD said Pelletier has had convictions in recent past. Pelletier, who addressed the committee, said she was clean now and wanted to committee to consider her request.

Similarly, the PHS Committee denied a public transport driver license to Patrick Lind, who, according to WPD, has had “several felony convictions in the last three years including burglary and felon in possession of a firearm.” Addressing the committee, Lind also requested “a second chance” to build his life.

Committee chair Lisa Rasmussen asked the applicants to approach the body again after some time passed, noting the “recentness” of their convictions.