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Dear Editor,

I speak for most hard-working Wisconsinites when I say It’s time for President Biden to put his money where his mouth is and seek real solutions to bring down energy prices. President Biden may claim to be for the “working man”, but his actions speak much louder than his words. The worst part is that it seems to be entirely self-inflicted, whether it be from shutting down domestic oil pipelines or cutting shady deals with countries that hate us, it is obvious that the President doesn’t care about the pain we are feeling from the out-of-control cost of energy.

The President continues to bend the knee and virtue signal to woke climate activists at the cost of the hard-working men and women of this nation. America possess an incredible wealth of natural resources that when properly managed could free us from our dependence of countries like Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. I commend the work of people like Congressman Tom Tiffany who is working to solve this particular issue. I call on President Biden to follow Congressman Tiffany’s lead and work to restore America’s energy independence and to take real steps to help the hard-working people of Wisconsin.

Riley Anderson, Athens