Dan Koschik

WAUSAU – Junior Achievement volunteer Dan Koschik knows how much the manufacturing industry needs workers. That is one reason he volunteers to teach Junior Achievement career readiness programs to junior and senior high school students in Marathon County.

Koschik has been a JA volunteer for four years. During that time, he has focused on learning experiences that teach students how to be innovative thinkers, start their own business and prepare for career success. Using his experience in engineering, sales and business development, Koschik brings a unique perspective that shows students how a career path may not always be in a straight line.

In a recent class that focused on entrepreneurism, one of the students approached Koschik after the learning session was finished. The student said he was not ready to go to college and wanted to take a more trades-based path.

“I assured him that there are always different pathways to success, but none of them are successful without hard work,” Koschik said. “I’m cognizant of the fact that conventional post-secondary education isn’t for everyone, and I encourage students to find the career options that best fit what they want out of life.”

Koschik received a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA at University of Manitoba in Canada. After working at engineering positions in the manufacturing industry, he joined AROW Global Corp. in Mosinee.

In May 2021, Koschik joined the Junior Achievement North Central Board of Directors in Wausau.

Source: Junior Achievement of Wisconsin