Dear editor,

As a resident of Wisconsin and citizen of the United States, I am incensed by the “middle finger” Fred Prehn is displaying to the people of our state!

Apparently, the words “do no harm,” from those practicing in the medical community, presumably including Prehn, bare no significance when the action goes directly against common ethics to purposely undermine representative government.

Prehn’s despicable behavior spotlight his obvious disdain and lack of qualifications for the office he brazenly rules over. Like Trump, he’s only a scurrilous punk, aiding and abetting those who willfully pollute our ecosystems, not giving a damn for the consequences. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how fascism takes root. Yes, I labeled Prehn a fascist because he is.

Our Supreme Court leans to fascism as well. Of course, our gerry-rigged state is also going full fascist, or why hold up the governor’s appointment? People, we’re losing our voice, which is the plan.

There’s an old saying I’ll share with those aligned to the GOP: If you think everything’s fine, you obviously don’t know what the hell is going on.

Daniel Murphy of Appleton

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