Dear editor,

Wisconsin taxpayers would be up in arms if they discovered the UW spent $1 million on a professor’s pet project. Or if the DOT doled out a similar amount for a bridge to nowhere. Or if the DNR spent a million to investigate the accuracy of the deer kill count during the annual hunt.

Yet there’s little outcry over the taxpayer money being spent for former justice Michael Gableman to investigate the 2020 election in Wisconsin — a search that has turned up nothing of any significance. 

He was tasked with this assignment on June 26, 2021. His “probe” has failed to uncover any significant problems concerning the 2020 election. Lawsuits related to his work continue to pile up, and he has been cited for destroying potentially important documents.

Analysts now predict the investigation — costing us over $2,700 a day— may continue until the next election in November, and perhaps beyond.

A number of legislators—including Republicans—have indicated they think the activity should be concluded.

I agree. Let’s end it now. Nothing has been found that would erode public confidence in our electoral system. Surely, taxpayer money can be put to better use.

Jim Force of Wausau 

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