Dear editor,

Now that this phase of the Jan. 6 hearings is complete, it must be obvious to even the most devoted supporters of Donald Trump that he tried to subvert the will of the people, attempted to prevent the transfer of power, betrayed his oath to the constitution, and instigated the violent Jan. 6 insurrection. Thus, henceforth, now and forever, he must be called what he is – a traitor. For those former Trump acolytes reorienting themselves to this reality I have compiled the following things to do (or stop doing):

1. Any signs, flags or bumper stickers supporting Trump need to be immediately removed. Failure to do so will at best be a proclamation that you are a fool and at worst an admission to all that, like Trump, you, too, are a traitor. In addition, for obvious reasons, you must also remove all symbols declaring support for law enforcement.

2. Any veteran who continues to support Trump must now return any medals awarded for service and instead don a badge of sedition. Additionally, you must give up all your rights and privileges under the GI Bill, the Veterans Administration, or any of the many discounts and benefits afforded to vets by retailers across the country.

3. For those Trump supporters who continue to display the stars ‘n bars (otherwise known as the Confederate flag), I appreciate your honesty. You are still all traitors, but at least you have the integrity not to hide the fact behind one of those giant American flags which other Trump traitors seem so fond of flying from their pickups.

4. Businesses owned by individuals continuing to support Trump should be boycotted and employees of such businesses should seek employment elsewhere.

5. “Let’s go, Brandon,” “Biden is an idiot” and other such opinionated signs are fine, however, since continuing to support Trump is to declare oneself a traitor those brandishing these anti-Biden sentiments are thoughtfully reminded that henceforth they must now consider alternatives to Donald Trump.

Robin Riebe of Wausau

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