Dear editor,

The Marathon County Board cut the funding for North Central Health Care Center sponsored Community Corner Clubhouse due to financial issues. The Clubhouse has served people with various mental diagnosis for 26 years. It has been a resource center, an activity center, a place to call “home away from home” to many. For some people, it has been their only source of socialization; a place of acceptance. For some, a deterrent from suicide. For some, relief from depression. 

Due to COVID-19, their usual fund-raising activities were not possible, therefore money ran short. And now this fatal blow has befallen the Clubhouse. 

Wisconsin has provided millions of dollars in recent months of tax-payer dollars to investigate non-existent voter fraud, yet there isn’t any money to protect the mental well-being of its most vulnerable (residents). This is wrong. As a society, we need to help those in need, at whatever level is necessary and has already proven successful! The Clubhouse has been a success to help its intended clientele. 

There may be an alternative if residents of this community pull together, put their ideas together, fund-raise, and create a new clubhouse. The staff at Community Corner Clubhouse are considering this potential. If you can contribute in any way to their effort, please contact them on Facebook, or call 715-843-1926.  Check out their website:

Patricia A. Laessig of Merrill

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