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This week’s featured Wausau-area business is S.C. Swiderski, a regional leader in providing quality housing and professional service throughout the state of Wisconsin with $1 billion in development and construction projects. The Mosinee-based company designs, plans, constructs, owns, and operates its entire real estate portfolio with a talented and dedicated team that includes Director of Business Development Jacqui McElroy, Marketing Communications Coordinator Johanna McGlauchlen and Senior Marketing Coordinator Samantha Miller. Company officials attribute the group’s remarkable success to their team’s ability to listen to tenants, focus on continuous improvement, develop their team and operate with integrity.

Perhaps the most notable services that S.C. Swiderski offers to the public relate to property management. From Rice Lake to Sturgeon Bay and everywhere in between, their maintenance and grounds teams, along with the entire leasing department, and painters and cleaners work each day to achieve their goal of ensuring happy tenants living in their rental apartments. 

Another service that falls under the SCS umbrella is real estate services for buyers, sellers, and investors that their in-house real estate team, SCS Real Estate, handles. They help clients each day, providing them with top-notch service known as the ‘SCS Difference.’

The company is now working on a potential significant addition to Wausau’s Riverlife District project and has begun construction on a development in Rothschild behind the Cedar Creek Mall.

Here, Senior Marketing Coordinator Miller talks with us about how the company embraces its Wisconsin roots, its commitment to the communities and tenants that it serves and its focus on bringing quality market rate housing to communities throughout Wisconsin.


Give us a little history about the company. How long has S.C. Swiderski been in business – and how has it grown over the years?

S.C. Swiderski was formed in 1992 and is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Mosinee, Wisconsin. The company has a sound business model and focuses on bringing quality market rate housing to communities throughout Wisconsin. The company has grown tremendously over the last 30 years. Additionally, the company has grown exponentially by bringing elements of our process in-house. One example is our design team. We have a team of 7 in-house architectural and structural designers that have joined the company in the last 3 years. This was a strategic move by the company because it allows the timelines of projects to flow more seamlessly and allows us to design buildings to fit different market needs. 

The company has added two divisions since 2020, SCS Real Estate and S.C. Swiderski Homes, both offer client-based services to those actively buying, selling, and building homes. 

The company has been involved in quite a few high-profile projects in recent years. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

One specific project that the company is extremely proud of is the multi-generational community that we are currently constructing in Eau Claire, WI. The design is specific to the housing needs in Eau Claire and has been worked on since 2016. We are hosting our official groundbreaking ceremony at the site later this month. The project will bring 542 apartment homes featuring over 30 different floorplans, including a community room, fitness center, pickleball courts, disc golf course and a walking trail! Future phases include twin homes and single-family homes. The site is truly tremendous, and it is one that all members of the SCS team have put a large amount of time into. 

Local to the Wausau area, we have started construction on our project in Rothschild behind the Cedar Creek Mall. It is set to open in summer of 2023, and we are thrilled to bring a brand-new building style to the site. Additionally, the project that many eyes have been on already is the Wausau Riverlife project. We have been working with the City of Wausau on this potential project. The seven-story building will be a powerful addition to the riverfront area and will feature a unique, first-class living style. The urbanized building will also have an area for commercial space on the main level. You can learn more about the Wausau Riverlife project here: https://www.scswiderski.com/scs-wausau-pred

The company and its employees are proud of every successful project and know it would not be possible without the partnerships we make with lenders, engineers, city personnel, suppliers, and subcontractors. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of this industry and company?

The most rewarding thing about being part of S.C. Swiderski is the community involvement. We are always sponsoring local events, local non-profit organizations, and really trying to promote that you can live, work, and play all in the same community! 

S.C. Swiderski is celebrating 30 years this year. In celebration, we have chosen to donate $30,000 throughout the state of Wisconsin to organizations that were selected by our employees! The company and the employees of SCS take pride in giving back to the communities we serve, so that is a genuinely great reason to be a part of this company.

What makes S.C. Swiderski unique – what sets you apart?

S.C. Swiderski is a unique residential developer because we privately invest in our projects and retain them after they are built. We focus on longevity and genuinely want them to be in our portfolio forever. We currently have properties in our portfolio that were built in 1999. Additionally, we provide exceptional service at our property locations, known as the SCS Difference. 

One of your keys to success has been your ability to adapt to changing trends and conditions. How has your company worked to address the changing needs in the industry?

Our company has acted on many elements regarding the changing needs of the industry. In 2019, when the general area was seeing a shortage of housing options in both the single-family and multi-family sectors, we started discussions of adding S.C. Swiderski Homes to our portfolio. We have done that and built homes successfully in Black River Falls and are soon starting more projects. We also focus on a very lengthy research process to help us determine was housing types are needed in the market. In Eau Claire and Madison, Twin Homes are an extremely popular building style, and our in-house team just completed the first design, named the Thomas Twin Home. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our process, designs, and styles!

What is the best thing about doing business in the Wausau area?

The best thing about being a business in the Greater Wausau Area is the people! The individuals that are here are incredible! Of the clients, employees, tenants, and subcontractors we work with, quite a few are local to the Wausau Area! Additionally, doing business in Wausau allows us to be part of some major events that are hosted here – such as Concerts on the Square, Chalkfest, Beer and Bacon Festival, and so many more! We enjoy connecting and giving back to the local community so their continuous support in us.

What does the future look like for the company? What are you most excited about, looking forward?

The future for S.C. Swiderski looks very bright! We have been able to adapt to many challenges that are currently in the market, that most other businesses are experiencing, too. However, last year, we had a record setting year. We are analyzing different cities each day that are looking for housing options to meet demand. 

With the addition of so many skilled and talented employees, we will be able to add to our diverse portfolio to ensure that we are truly building multi-generational communities throughout the Midwest. The ability to bring these teams in-house has allowed us many advantages and efficiencies thus far and it will only continue. As we continue to grow, we focus on developing our team and our processes, while proposing the best projects. 

Our projects will only be more advanced, with one-of-a-kind building styles, and I think that is an element that S.C. Swiderski is looking forward to. As mentioned above, we have secured some high-profile developments, not only in the Wausau Area, but all over. We are excited to continue bringing the SCS Difference to local communities. 

Anything else you’d like us to know?

S.C. Swiderski is always hiring! Click this link to view our current job openings and join our talented team! 

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