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When it comes to clothing and makeup, colors are an interesting thing. What looks stunning on one person can look drab on another. Certain colors can literally make you look like you’re coming down with the flu, while others can make you look younger, fresher, and more vibrant. But what can you do about it? This week’s featured business, House of Colour Wausau, empowers clients to be their best selves through color and style consultations that give a boost to self-esteem and confidence. Heidi Nowitzke launched the business in March 2020 and has helped dozens of men, women and children discover the color palette that naturally highlights their features, giving them an effortless glow. House of Colour Wausau translates this information, identified during the color analysis, into the best possible clothing choices, hair coloring and makeup colors to suit each individual perfectly. Then, during the style consultation, clients learn how to dress their bodies to look their best and add in the style details that help them authentically show up in the world. Heidi’s enthusiasm is infectious, and her genuine smile and encouragement will have you feeling utterly transformed. When you can easily identify which colors look good on you and the styles that fit you best, shopping is a breeze.

Outside of the initial color and style consultations, Heidi also helps support clients through closet clean-outs, personal shopping and trend update sessions.  

“Style is a journey and when you book with me, you get a personal stylist for the long haul,” she said.

Clients can book in-person color analysis sessions, in small groups or individually, through her online booking site below. Style consultations can be booked directly by emailing heidi.nowitzke@houseofcolour.com

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How did you get started in this industry?

I “had my colors done” in 2019 and it changed everything I was doing from jewelry to hair color.  From then on, the compliments kept coming, my confidence skyrocketed and getting dressed was no longer a pain point in my morning.  After experiencing the transformation myself, I knew I had to bring this experience to everyone in Central Wisconsin.  Shortly after, I opened Wisconsin’s first House of Colour franchise right here in Weston.

What can customers expect when they set up an appointment with you? Take me through it from start to finish.

During a color consultation, clients individually or in small groups undergo a systematic process to analyze their undertones and determine a seasonal color palette that best suits their unique coloring.  Using color theory this information is translated into determining they best colors in makeup, jewelry, clothing and hair color.  Clients are taught how to use this information in their closets and in shopping with their new color fan.  

Style consultations are conducted virtually in 2 part sessions.  During this class, you will discover how both your body architecture and personality decide the clothing styles and fits that will naturally look better on you.  At House of Colour, we know that authenticity is a key part of creating a wardrobe that reflects confidence and projects a reflection that you will love. 

How do you work with individual clients to discover their true style and find what works best for them?

Style is unique for every client and must honor their body architecture and personality, as well as their lifestyle and unique preferences.  In addition to analyzing body structure and proportions, we take a personality quiz and clients showcase their favorite clothing items.  I enjoy providing clients with a formula of the best structure of clothing and style details that work for them from pajamas to ball gowns.  We dive into capsule wardrobes, adding impact through details and talk about how to look more pulled together.  With style, my goal is to help clients have a toolbox of clothes so that no matter what occasion arises, they always have something they look and feel great in.

What do you want your customers to feel and experience after they’ve worked with you?

Too often we look at a closet full of clothes and feel like we have nothing to wear.  Decision overload, both in our own closets and in stores, can be paralyzing for clients.  My goal through the services I provide is to empower clients to feel confident in their own skin.  I like to imagine my clients walking into their closets and feeling actual joy.  With the tools of color and style, this objective can be quite easy.

How does this kind of service help people feel more confident in their appearance?

From a color standpoint, clients will see how certain colors give the appearance of brighter, healthier skin, clearer complexion and an obvious glow.  It literally is like magic when you see your before and after picture.  Style analysis gives clients the tools to honor their bodies and permission to express themselves authentically through clothing.

Does it matter what size or age you are to find a unique style that works?

We are welcoming to all ages, 5 to 95, and celebrate all sizes, races, and abilities!  My services truly honor your unique self.  Sessions are great for professionals to communicate an appearance of competency, approachability, and credibility.  Clients love discovering the tools to shop easily and make investments in clothing and hair last longer.  Moms love discovering the best colors for their children to make shopping a breeze. There truly is something for everyone in my sessions.

What do you love most about what you do?

There are so many things I love in my work, but my favorite is connecting with each client.  I often have the pleasure of being a client’s confidant, their hype girl and a trusted advisor in their closet.  I fall more in love with color and style transformations with each client that walks into my studio- they never cease to amaze me!  And let’s just say that there’s no shortage of fun in our sessions!

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