Wausau Pilot & Review: Valentine’s Day wishes for 2023 from Wausau-area readers. Thanks to our sponsor, Cedar Creek Grill House! Scroll here to see this year’s prize winner.

You support all my dreams
And carry me when I fall,
Through all the ups and downs
You’ve loved me through them all,

The last few years
Have been a true roller coaster,
We never deviated from the plan
We just became closer,

Nothing can ever tear apart
A love that is so true,
No matter where this life goes
All I’ll ever need is you.

I love you Eric. I’m beyond thankful for your love. For being here for me when my life crumbled and for taking on the task of caring for my father with me. You have a heart of gold and a smile that always brings me to my knees. After all these years you still give me butterflies.
Happy Valentines Day Handsome!

Love your Angel,

Jeff: The last 23 years have been the best of my life. Love you Babe.

You are loved, you are useful, your are smart and don’t forget it.

John, My Love, How The Years Have Passed
And Every Moment, I Cherish As If It Were Our Last
I Love You With All Of My Heart
I Knew The Day I Met You We’d Never Part


On this Valentine’s Day, take time to celebrate YOU. Have courage, and be kind. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself, that will be felt by those around you. Love to all, Jessie

The Mariner, whose eyes are bright, whose beard is aged with hoar,
Can attest to my love for you, my soulmate, for now and evermore.

There can never be a stronger bond then between a Mom & her sons. This past year I have so much to be sad about – the death of my own mom and learning to live without her. But one thing I can be proud of is my sons, Colin & Ryan. Each of them have given me so many different experiences & adventures. They know when I need a call or pick me up and will be their for me when I need them. They have become strong adults that I can be proud of. I truly value any minute I can spend with them and this is what I cherish this Valentine’s Day, not candy or flowers but having them in my life and having the gift of time with them. Love to both of you. Mom

How can it be that this year we will be having our 50th wedding anniversary? The best thing about being with someone that long is that we see each other yet as young and vibrant when we met, not old with grey hair and wrinkles and a few extra pounds. We have a lifetime of memories that we remind each other of these days! You just have to find the right one and I think we did.

Thank you for being my person, my therapist, my best friend and the world’s best dad to my favorite little girl. Today, I have loved you for 1347 days. I will love you for a million more. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Love, Shay

Happy Valentine’s Day, darling. I’ve loved every day and always will.

Kayla, everyday with you is the greatest day of my life. I love you always – you will forever be my light. Love, Kelli

Time is fading away, awaiting the day our hearts meet again. The moments are lost to never see the daylight on the glistening icicles. Forever waiting, forever wondering, forever hoping. Always surrendering to this love.

To my fiance with love: Thank you for all the love and support you have shown and given me. Your sacrifices and efforts are always appreciated Thank you for always going above and beyond for us and our family. I will love you til the end of time and if there is life after that, I will love you even then. I cannot wait for the day we become one. With love, forever and always, Samantha (Mama)

Eight years ago on the day after Valentine’s Day, we met through a dating app. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you… the same day we met, you asked me to be your girlfriend and five months later we were married. Here’s to many more years of crazy love! – Cate

An emigrant from Germany 68 years ago. Happy in almost 57 years of marriage. I love you. Helen

I love my family! My husband and I have been together for over 10 years and we welcomed our first son this past October. We are so overjoyed being first time parents!

My dear Amy, on this special day
With love, I want to say
You’re my wife, my partner, my friend
And being with you, my love will never end.

You’re the mother of three, full of grace and light
Bringing joy and laughter, making everything right
With a heart so big, and a smile so wide
You make our home, a happy place inside.

Through the ups and downs, you’ve stood by my side
With your love and support, I have nothing to hide
You’re my rock, my confidant, my heart’s delight
I thank the stars above, for you each night.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to express
My undying love, my happiness
I promise to love you, for all of my days
Forever and always, in endless ways.

I love you more than words can say, my dear wife
You fill my heart with joy, and make my life
A beautiful journey, with memories to share
I cherish you, always, my love beyond compare.

Once in while
the happily ever afters
in those silly love songs
and movie lines
really do
come true.
Like the very
‘Jerry Maguire’
moment we met
where it
“All happened on 10th.”
It was there
5 years before
this very Valentine’s date
that I met my fate
when you smiled
and I then saw
the double take glance
and gaze you gave
towards me
with those green eyes
as I knew
“you had me at hello”
was the very
exact answer
to my prayers
to find you
in the middle of The Woods.
You took
my breath away
and despite our past
I have never looked back
and will never stop chasing
you through
to this

Thank you babe for being my player 2 and playing co-op in this game of life on max difficulty, glitches and all. I can’t wait to embark on adventures and conquer the world with you.
Love, Beth

Married 65 years……..don’t need to say anything else

You are the love of my life. You are the reason for my happiness. I’m so grateful that you came back into my life after all these years. You were my first true love, now you’ll be my last. ??
I love you

To my team at Wild Birds Unlimited. You work hard, and treat our customers with respect and great care. I’m so grateful for each of you. Thank you for all you do!! Happy Valentines Day!!

EJM, you’ve made so many times in my life as good as any man who has walked this earth has ever had it. I get to live knowing that I have found true love. I love you and am so excited for our future, together.. RRM

Austin, you’re the sweetest part of my Valentine’s Day and that’s not because of chocolates and flowers.

Zach: I just want you to know how much you truly mean to me. You calm the storms that live deep inside me. Hours fly by when I’m with you. I simply love being around you and close to you. Thank you for choosing me and continually choosing me.

Always, Shelly

To Brian the love of my life, I don’t think words could ever be enough to show my love for you. You are truly my soul mate. I met you at such a low point in my life, I was a wounded women. You were able to awaken my soul. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for me…and I for you. You have shown my children how a man is to treat a women. You have loved them as your own. There is nothing we can’t do together..it’s us against the world babe.. if it wasn’t for you by my side that night to pull me up I would not be here.. I love you so much?? Your wife..and partner in crime Terri

Dear Self,

I don’t need a dozen roses,
A teddy bear with chocolates,
Or a box of cute little conversation hearts
To let you know how amazing I think you are.
You have a heart of gold,
Strength of steel,
And a mind all of your own.
Today…and for the rest of my days,
I choose to love you,
To cherish you,
And to accept you exactly as you are.


I love that everyday you make me feel that my life matters, especially when I am having a hard health day. I didn’t think anyone could ever love me the way you love me. You give with your whole heart in everything you do, especially for the people you love. Life wouldn’t have been the same if we hadn’t met as teenagers or wouldn’t have kept in touch all those years. We are proof that things happen in life for a reason. We were always meant to be together but first we had to learn some of life’s lessons separately. We are old now (haha) and I can’t wait to grow older with you. You and your children are the loves of my life. My heart still melts every time I look at you. Your hugs and kisses are medicine to me. Thank you for being you! Happy Valentines Day my love!

To my hubby James,
I just want to share that I love you so much today, tomorrow, and always. Happy Valentine’s Day hotdog! ??

Love from your pigeon

There’s no one else I’d want to steal the blankets from. You have healed some of my most broken pieces of my heart ??. I want to say I love you with everything that I am and thank you for everything you have helped me through. Happy V Day baby.

Jason B,
Thank you for teaching me to always keep an eye out for fresh meat on the side of the road. I never thought I could love such a strange person.

My love, even tho we argue and fight sometimes, you are the light at the end of my tunnel and the best man I could ask for. We have our ups and downs but I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you very much and couldn’t ask for a better daddy for our baby. One more thing… Will you marry me?

She sits on my bed, asleep and content. Six months we’ve dated, but, am I worthy of her? Her patience … her grace …. her maturity. I can’t say I know. I know I want a future, with her, but, I don’t know if I’m worthy. I’m troubled, I’m restless and I’m a bit eccentric. All barriers to be sure … but I know … I can’t … give up on her.

To my best friend Emily: love doesn’t always come in butterflies and kisses, it comes in a steady hand and shoulder to cry on. A soft ear to hear each other’s triumphs and tribulations. A quick video to share a laugh for the day or a tearjerker to remind you how far you’ve come. It’s being an ocean apart for years and only the next zip code over at other times. It’s falling back into giggles from 8th grade memories or answering a 2 am text when sleepless nights of broken hearts ache in our bones. It’s tap dancing our way to New York and still making sure we make it to the gym by Monday. In 28 years, I can’t think I’ve loved a friend more! Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ask for!


Ya know how cliche things are thrown out there… Like men or women saying they are the luckiest man or woman on the planet to have who they are with. Hey I’m happy for ya.

Here is a real story about being the luckiest man and woman alive.

Two children were born in 1979.
One on September 24th.
The other, on the 4th of September (20 days apart).
Their futures would be intertwined.
Their parents, all friends during their childhood and adult lives.
These two kids play together as young children.
They grew.
They came to liking one another at the age of 12.
But given their living arrangements weren’t able to stay together.
Sure they crossed paths through out the years.
They had started families of their own and seen other people through their journey of life.
Lessons were learned, feelings and hearts broken. Memories made of joy and happiness through out.
However; 🙂
20 years after those two 12 year old kids had liked each other they had a shot of rekindling those feelings of butterflies in their bellies.
And they did just that.
After 20 years of separation. Those two crazy kids started seeing each other again.
Their history, those butterflies all rushing back into their hearts and minds.
Then… After being together for 2 years, the new chapter of their journey…
They became husband and wife on October 19 of 2013. Solidifying their union in love.
No more wondering “what if I was with him/her?” They had placed the final piece of their destiny of being together. They are now 43. They have 5 beautiful kids. Very happy. And very much in love.

My everyday is a dream with you. It creates a life of of happiness & bliss so true! Life isn’t perfect, yet we work together everyday, to create a life we want to celebrate always.
Tricia Lazare

A love note to my parents, as they are a true definition of love. They will be celebrating 35 years together this spring! At the drop of a hat, they would do anything for their family and friends. The amount of love they give is unreal, and so very much appreciated – we are so lucky and blessed to have them as parents!
Happy Valentines day, Mom and Dad!

Kitten – 4 years and still madly in love with you as the first day I saw you
Through all the laughter, tears, and moments we drive each other crazy, just remember, You are my forever, always! -Heika

Married to Mike:

One date. I knew.

One month. My parents knew.

Three months. We said yes.

Two years. We had baby one.

Four years. We had baby two.

Six years. We had baby three.

Seventeen years. Our lives changed. I got sick, an unwelcomed neurological disorder.

Nineteen years. Still sick but looking forward to many more years with the kindest man I know, my Mike.

Love, Serena

To my husband
At this time I want to let you know how much our relationship means to me. It took many years to find you but it was definitely worth the wait. Throughout the day as I think about you it always puts a smile on my face. What we have may not be perfect but it’s perfect for us. You are definitely my safe place. Thank you for being you!! With all my love.

To my rock, can you imagine in the years to come what we will experience together? We have been through so much since the first day we met. We have seen each other through very dark times. The loss of my sister to mental health,to the recent death of your mother, we have had a roller coaster ride in the last few years..never leaving the other to fail or deal with life’s harshness alone. I love you so much, you deserve the world and I hope to give it to you day after day my love, sincerely Your loving husband Brian

Blend one cup of love and one half cup of kindness;
Add alternately in small portions, one cup of
appreciation and three cups of pleasant
companionship, into which has been sifted three
teaspoons of deserving praise.
Flavor with one teaspoon carefully chosen advise
Lightly fold in one cup of cheerfulness to which has
been added a pinch of sorrow
Pour with tender care into small clean hearts and let
bake until well matured. Turn out on the surface of
society, humbly bring forth your blessings and it will
serve all mankind.

I love you so much . I am so grateful for you and all that you do . I love and respect you in all that you . I will be by your side and always back you up no matter what . I love the person that you were , that you are right now , and who you will become . We just started our life together and I cannot wait to experience life with you . I cannot wait to travel , have children , chase our dreams and visions , to grow old together . There is no one else I would rather experience life with . I love love you so much , and no words or anything in the world can explain it.

To My Sweet: May All Your Dreams Come True! Love, My Love!

Mike, God brought you into my life when I was at my lowest. You have taught me what unconditional love is. You reminded me that I am worthy and that I am enough. You adopted two kids that you chose to love as your own. You thought it would be easy loving me but I brought a lot baggage with me. Years of court battles with my ex, throw in a unexpected cancer diagnosis, a blood clot and multiple surgeries. You have been my biggest fan since day one and have shown me every single day what true love is supposed to be like. I could spend eternity with you and it still wouldn’t be enough time. Thank you for being the perfect gift, my best friend and the love of my life. Every single day I spend with you is Valentine’s Day. Thank you for choosing me. I love you! Forever! G-Lo…Paula

Maverick, You came into this world 4 months ahead of schedule, weighing 1 lb 8 ounces. You fought for every breath. You have endured more than any person could in the time you have been here with us. Since day one, you have proven to be such a fighter and have lived up to your name. YOU are my hero and my greatest gift. You always have a smile on your face and make everyone happy. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you! Papa and I will always be there to cheer you on! Happy Valentine’s Day my little pumpkin. Thank you for fighting so hard to be here with us. We love you!! Nana & Papa

Adam, I’ve loved you every day for 20 years. Thank you for creating this life with me. Krystal

Roses are Red
My Squatch is Gray
My love you for
Will never Stray

Love, Erika

14 years and soon to be 4 beautiful children. I love you! ~KJC

To my total Baldwin of a husband. You make this crazy life we live a dream come true!

You make me feel safe, you show me you care. You hold me close and reassure me when I’m scared. You shine such an amazing light, leading us down a path that is so bright. You bring so much happiness to my life, I am excited for the day you make me your wife.

Thank you for showing me how real love feels.
I love you Babe!

10 years ago on Valentine’s Day you randomly text me a link to a YouTube video you made in the basement of your buddy’s house of you playing guitar and singing a song you wrote for me when I lived far away. “I would of liked to have sent you a card, but I don’t have your address so that’d be kinda hard- but I do have this guitar so I’ll sing you this valentine… If you ever get mauled by a bear, and he has chainsaws for hands, I hope he doesn’t get your face ‘caus I sure think you’re cute- oh I sure do like you, maybe one day I’ll give you a smooch?” All these years later not only do you know my address because we bought this house we live in together, you give me lots of smooches, we have two beautiful daughters and will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary in August. While the last couple years have been difficult with me almost not making it through two pulmonary embolisms, we’re still in this together. We’re still here. You might not have much time for guitar nowadays, and ironically we do sometimes get “mauled” with lovey scratches from our cat named Bear, (thankfully he does not have chainsaw hands) but I’m still really glad you sent me that valentine a decade ago. I wouldn’t be the same without you. I love you ?? Happy Valentines Day ?? Love, FMU

Life with Ba
I hadn’t met you as a child, but always wished I had.
Instead, I met you as a young woman when life was complicated and moving fast.
You shared your smile, your hand then your heart.
This guided me through all the barriers like a beacon to you and a lifetime of love.
You have been my rock and my light shining through rough seas and calm,
Holding my hand keeping me warm while always sharing your smile.
I love you forever and beyond, and although forever is coming faster than I wish, I’ll be holding your hand now as well as then as we enjoy our years left to come. Together
My love and thanks to you, my beautiful partner, lover and friend

Be mine ??

I love you

To the love of my life,
Sometimes its hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me but if i did anything rightin my life it was when I gave my heart to you. You are mt best friend and my soulmate. When I am with you I act differently. In a good way. I smile more and laugh more. I don’t have to pretend everything is ok when it’s really not. With you I can drop the fake smile and and put on a real one. I don’t feel hurt and alone when I am with you. Instead I feel safe and loved. You’re easy to talk to and you listen to me. I don’t have to worry about holding back with you. I don’t feel self conscious. I don’t ever feel insecure or sad because you show me that you really do care and you’re not just pretending. I really love your company because with you I am different. With you. I am happy. I love you so much. ?
Love your wife, Hanna

My love letter is to all those who have helped the unhoused the past year. I have nothing to give except my love as I am homeless and broke, so my gratitude and thankfulness is all I can offer. Marathon County Outreach Task Force and Jerry Edwards as well as Mr. Z who delivers food to us unhoused are all in my mind this Valentine’ Day. True love is helping those who cannot help themselves.

Mikey, you are my person always and forever. I find myself falling deeper in love with you each day. It’s always been and forever will be you. My penguin, my halo nerd, my everything I love you with all my heart and more. Love, Boo

Dear Jay,
You are my heart, my soul, my today, my tomorrow, my forever. Not only are you my husband, you are my best friend. Thank you for everything you do for me and our family. You are appreciated beyond measure, and I love you more each day!

I met you on a blind blind date. For many months I made you wait. Those big glasses I wore attracted you so. When you sent me flowers I couldn’t say no. Now 22 years have gone in a blink. My heart still stops with just one wink. Through marriage and children man, we’ve been through it all. I sometimes wish that time I could stall. Our family and love has grown through the years. Through laughter and schedules and plenty of tears. In your arms I am safe and sound. I am ecstatic to have you around. Love you Jeremy.

My Dear Al,
Thank you for coming into my life and helping me relearn that I am worthy of love. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and thank you for the encouragement to live life to the fullest. I look forward to more crazy adventures with you.
All my Love,

Babe, How can this be our 19th Valentine’s? We are not normally ones to celebrate this holiday but life has a way to make you realize.. the little things mean a lot. I can never express how much I appreciate you for being you. You are there thru thick and thin! We have fought over the big and the little and we have driven each other crazy. I have even looked at you saying “stop being my husband for a minute because I am mad at him… but I need to talk to my best friend and you are my best friend.” For some reason you tend to take the husbands side more.
Since you have been out of state working, this is what I have noticed… the things you do that drive me crazy… I want back. The socks on the floor, the lights left on, you constantly losing your keys, the snoring… I miss it all. I promise I will still complain but know I would rather complain about your socks everyday for the rest of my life… then not be able to complain about them at all. I cannot thank you enough for loving me for who I am and never holding me back. For believing in me when no one else did and for loving me. All I wish for on Valentine’s Day is to see your beautiful face and for a hug. I miss your face… Love you Schmoopy


There must be a God
I believe it’s true
Cause I can see His love
When I look at you
And He must have a plan
For this crazy life
Cause He brought you here
And placed you by my side
And I have never been so sure
Of anything before, like I am in this moment here with you
And now, for better or for worse, so much more than only words

10 years have gone by in a blink of an eye and yet I still fall more in love with you more every day. We have gone through so many ups and so many downs, I couldn’t have survived without you. I am so blessed to have you as my best friend and my wife. I love you so much!


In 1974 we redecorated a bedroom in our house by painting the walls a different color. One wall was to be covered with wallpaper. My husband did the project without me. We loved the house, raised our family there, and sold it in 2011. In 2020, the new owner took the wall paper off the wall and found a “love note” painted on the wall under the wallpaper. She sent me a picture… it said “I LOVE MOLLY!!!”. This was a total surprise to me as I never knew he had done it. The picture is a very special “forever love note”, because he passed away in 2018. Molly H.

For Patrick

We met in middle summer
When the days were long and good
We married three years later
Hand in hand in Sylvan woods

More than a quarter century
Our lives been a meld
For richer and for poorer
In sickness and in health

Enfold me in your arms
My soul feels gathered in
Touch your lips to mine
And we are ever young

All my love, Karyn

To my Pooh: All these years later, I still dream of you. I hope one day you’ll forgive me.

Dear Derek: Three beautiful boys and a dozen years later and we are still going strong. I will love you forever.

I kissed a prince

He turned into a frog

The more I date

the more I love my dog

Of Valentine’s Day, I’ve sure had enough. The reason I love you? We hate the same stuff. ??????

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