By Shereen Siewert | Wausau Pilot & Review

The following are the latest results of Marathon County Health Department inspections on licensed restaurants and other types of businesses:


Best Western Plus, 201 N. 17th Ave., Feb. 7, 2023: Six violations:

  • Sausage Gravy in the refrigerator was not date marked.
  • No single-use toweling or other hand drying device available at employee handwashing sink for hand drying.
  • Sausage gravy was stored in unlabeled container.
  • The storage racks in the storage room are made of plywood.
  • Refrigerator in storage room is not equipped with a temperature measuring device.
  • Non-food contact surfaces of storage room refrigerator are soiled with spillage and debris.

Courtyard by Marriott, 1000 S. 22nd Ave., Feb. 21, 2023: Four violations:

  • Food items in the kitchen refrigerator such as onions and roasted peppers were not date marked. Individual cups of cream cheese where not date marked in the kiosk refrigerator. (Repeat)
  • Consumer advisory is missing the asterisk on the menu for the burger.
  • There is no approved or current certified food manager for this establishment.
  • Cooked food items in kitchen refrigerator, small condiment cups of cream cheese, caramel bottle, cinnamon shaker etc are all not labeled. (Repeat)

Hissho Sushi @Festival Foods, 110 S. 17th Ave., Feb. 23, 2023: One violation:

  • Provide soap for handwashing for the sink located in the prep area where sushi is being prepared.

Lemongrass Asian Fusion, 316 N. Third St., Wausau, Feb. 22, 2023: Three violations:

  • Raw beef was stored over containers of sauce. (Corrected during inspection)
  • Provide soap and paper towel for handwashing at the bar.
  • Label all storage bins as to contents in the back store room.

Nancy’s Jamars Countryside Bar, 158241 E. Wausau Ave., Feb. 6, 2023: Three violations:

  • Chemicals were stored on the top of the ice machine.
  • he Person in Charge (PIC) is unable to demonstrate knowledge regarding the storage of toxic or poisonous materials in the food establishment.
  • Thermometer used in food establishment is not accurate to +/- 2°F. The thermometer in use read 34.8F and appeared heavily used, inspector’s thermometer read 41.3F

Subway, 4300 Rib Mountain Drive, Feb. 13, 2023: Four violations:

  • Meatballs in marinara was improperly reheated. After reheating, the temperature only reached 112.5F.
  • Chemicals in the storage room are stored over ‘sub-wrap’ and extra utensils.
  • The Person in Charge (PIC) is unable to demonstrate knowledge regarding the storage, use and disposal of toxic or poisonous materials in the food establishment. This is in regard to the ‘sub-wrap’ stored under chemicals in the storage room.
  • Retail food establishment permit is not posted in a conspicuous area.

Thrive Foodery, 2105 N. Second St., Feb. 15, 2023: Four violations:

  • Thermometers in cooling equipment are old and not measuring ambient air temperatures accurately.
  • Bulk dry ingredients such as flour, salt, etc. are stored in unlabeled bulk containers. (Repeat)
  • Single-use bowls were observed being reused as scoops in bulk bins of dry ingredients.


The Bar, 1032 Market St., Feb. 8, 2023: Three violations:

  • Provide a backflow preventer between the faucet end of the mop sink and the splitting valve.
  • The bar glass dishwasher (high temperature warewashing machine) is not achieving rinse temperatures high enough to produce a surface temperature of 160F or greater on utensil and dishware surfaces. 177F was being displayed on the dishwasher thermometer.
  • The floor between the prep tables and the griddle and char broil is no longer easily cleanable. The tile is broken and no longer attached to the floor.


Evelia’s Restaurant, 3406 Schofield Ave., Feb. 7, 2023. No violations found.

Wausau Country Club, 208 Country Club Road, Feb. 9, 2023: Three violations:

  • A condiment squeeze bottle full of what appeared to be dish soap, was unidentified in the bar between the slop sink and the dishwasher.
  • Tuna steaks are thawed under Reduced Oxygen Packaging.
  • Food Establishment does not have a required HACCP Plan for ROP of Fish.


Baymont by Wyndham, 5810 Schofield Ave., Feb. 13, 2023: Ten repeat violations:

  • Sausage and eggs in hot holding unit were hot held at 122 F and 124 °F
  • Dishes are not sanitized after cleaning.
  • he Person in Charge (PIC) is unable to demonstrate knowledge of proper sanitation methods for utensils and food contact surfaces.
  • A test kit is not available for checking sanitizer concentrations.
  • Soap not available at food employee handwashing sink.
  • No single-use toweling or other hand drying device available at employee handwashing sink for hand drying.
  • There is no approved or current certified food manager for this establishment.
  • Two compartment sink is improperly used.
  • Handwashing sink is not non-hand operated.
  • No handwashing signage provided at the handwashing sink.

Holiday Inn Express, 4210 Barbican Ave., Feb. 9, 2023: Three violations:

  • Gravy in tupperware container not labeled or date marked.
  • Gravy is stored in unlabeled container.
  • Pancake mix stored on the floor in the kitchen storae area.

Marshfield Medical Center-Weston, 3400 Ministry Parkway, Feb. 15, 2023: Three violations:

  •  Chipotle mayo, garlic mayo, and ranch salad dressing in the walk-in cooler has exceeded their date markings. All were dated as made on 1/28/2022.
  • The Person in Charge (PIC) is unable to demonstrate knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining the time and temperature control and the prevention of foodborne illness. This is regarding exceeding date marking on the chipotle mayo, garlic mayo, and ranch dressing.
  • Desserts and baked goods in the display case next to the cashier packaged for retail sale; however, are not labeled.

Pho Zone, 4204 Schofield Ave., Feb. 2, 2023: Seven violations, all have since been corrected:

  • Raw animal foods (meats) are stored in same container, stacked atop one another, in same container in undercounter cooler in the kitchen.
  • Salad dressing, removed from the manufacturers container, is not provided with an accurate date mark. This dressing was located in the True Prep Table Cooler.
  • The Person in Charge (PIC) has not provided food safety training to employees on cooler organization to eliminate the nesting of raw animal derived foods (meats), and date marking ready to eat temperature control for safety foods.
  • Employees were observed washing hands in the warewashing sink.
  • Food?contact surfaces of the Saturn Prep Table Cooler as well as other cooler doors and door handles have encrusted soil accumulations.
  • The floor between the kitchen and the staircase is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. The tile is broken and has come loos from the floor.
  • The kitchen floor is soiled and must be cleaned on a more frequent basis.

Tine & Cellar, 3806 Schofield Ave., Feb. 22, 2023: Eight violations:

  • Potato bacon soup and mashed potatoes were improperly reheated. Did not reach temps of 165. Items were pulled and reheated a second and both reach proper temp of 165 or greater. (Corrected during inspection.)
  • No test kit is available for monitoring sanitizer concentration.
  • Handwashing sink to the left of the grill line needs to be repaired.
  •  Employee noted working in food preparation/cooking area without a hair restraint.
  • Must use spoons or scoops to dispense items in the food prep tables. Do not use small metal cups or glass bowls to dispense product.
  • The upright cooler left of the cookline need the seal repaired on the door.
  •  Top of dishwasher in kitchen needs cleaning.
  • The entire kitchen specially around shelving and the dishwasher need cleaning

Marathon County

Buck-a-neer, 122923 County Road C, Stratford, Feb. 8, 2023: Three violations:

  • Spray bottles that have the orange top by the wait staff area need to be labeled as to contents.
  • Reduced oxygen packaged fish is being improperly thawed by not opening the package or venting the package. (Corrected during inspection)
  • Provide self closing doors for restrooms.

My Brother’s Place, 113 E. Clark St., Spencer, Feb. 8, 2023: Three violations:

  • There is no approved or current certified food manager for this establishment.
  • Non-food contact surfaces of the pizza oven and the microwave are soiled.
  • Women’s restroom toilet is not clean.

Subway, 1505 McMillian St., Marshfield, Feb. 1, 2023: Two violations:

  • Meatballs were improperly reheated. Although the Manager stated the meatballs were heated 3 times in the microwave, the meatballs were only 113 degrees. Some meatballs were hotter than others, possibly suggesting microwave is failing.
  • The mop holder above the slop sink is broken and will not hold a mop allowing it to air dry.

Wells A&W, 804 S. Pacific Ave. Spencer. Feb. 2, 2023: No violations.

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