Dear editor,

When Tony Evers was duly elected governor of Wisconsin in 2018, it ended the eight-year reign of ALEC puppet and corporate shill Scott Walker. Riding a Republican wave in 2010 brought on by an overreaction to Obamacare, Walker and his friends in state government managed to turn a once proud state, a model of clean government and progressive traditions, into a test lab for Koch Brothers backed right-wing legislation that has made the state more akin to a northern Mississippi.

Before Evers was even sworn in, Walker and GOP legislators passed several measures to strip Evers and Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul of their powers. Since then, they have scrapped every budget Evers has proposed, gaveled in and out of about every special session he has called, and refused to hold confirmation hearings on many of the governor’s appointees to state boards.

Now Republicans are crying fowl over the fact that Evers has appointed Sara Godlewski to replace Doug La Follette as Secretary of State. The irony of their hostility over Evers move is that they had previously all but gutted all powers from the Secretary of State’s office, relegating it to that of a figure head.

Only recently after failing to overturn the results of a free and fair election in 2020 and in their schemes to succeed in such a measure in 2024, Republicans in several states are returning power to Secretary of States offices hoping to have them decide who gets the states’ electors rather than honoring the actual vote count, or the will of the people.

Now Wisconsin Republicans are crying fowl and want the governor to hold a special election to fill the seat. They are even accusing Evers of colluding with La Follette and Godlewski, implying that this was set up ahead of time to keep them from controlling it.

Evers owes the Republicans nothing and I applaud his efforts to try to keep some semblance of balance and normalcy in the face of extremism and obstruction at every turn. Every small victory is a step toward preserving democracy and pushing back the corrupt forces that have been controlling our state for too long, and cannot be left unchecked.

Paul Hoffman of Schofield

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