Dear editor,

Gee Wisconsin, don’t we have enough water concerns already? Do not allow more damage with drilling and mining planned for the Reef Deposit in Marathon County and at the Bend Deposit in Taylor County. How many of you are aware of this threat? This is not going to bring high paying jobs for any of us. This will not aid our economy. We don’t need any more gold. Copper can much more easily, and cost effectively, be recycled. Please don’t fall for this boom-and-bust scheme.

I have grave concerns for our water. Companies like Green Light Metals come and tell you metals, such as gold and copper, are in demand in the green economy. This company is only here to line their own pockets, leaving us with the mess to clean up with our tax dollars into perpetuity. Imagine what pumping two thousand gallons of water a day from a nearby river will do to your watershed. Sludge and heavy metals will flow downstream destroying everything in its path. In Marathon County, the Eau Claire River flows to Lake Wausau and into the Wisconsin River. In Taylor County the Yellow River flows into Lake Wissota and the Chippewa.

There will be environmental ruin to our shorelines that could have been residential. No one will build near a mine. The property value would be very poor. What about our tourism? Tourism will be ruined with heavy metals in the water – no more fishing. Paradise will be gone. Are you willing to risk this?

Water is life.

Nancy Stencil of Rib Mountain

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