Dear editor,

Wisconsinites agree, voters should pick politicians. Politicians should not pick voters. Unfortunately, Wisconsin Republicans have gerrymandered their way to a permanent majority regardless of the will of the electorate. That’s wrong, our democracy is in peril.

Voters deserve an honest process that produces fair legislative maps and an honest, accurate description of proposed legislation to produce that result. Sadly, Speaker Vos and his Republican colleagues have produced neither. Alarmed by Janet Protasiewicz’s decisive victory in a statewide election that could not be gerrymandered, Republicans now want to impeach her and (have) proposed what they call an Iowa model for new maps. Unfortunately, that description is deliberately misleading. Here is what two Iowa politicians (Mike Mahaffy, R) and (Rob Sand, D)  have to say about Speaker Vos’s proposed Iowa model”

“We are proud of Iowa’s record on nonpartisan redistricting and appreciate being a model for other states who believe in moving toward fair legislative maps. However, the proposal currently in front of the Wisconsin legislature cannot be accurately called the Iowa model because it lacks the elements that have been the foundation for our system’s success. The clearest and most consequential difference is that Wisconsin’s proposal rejects our system of judicial review. In Iowa, the legislature has limited opportunities to accept or reject the maps drafted by legislative staff. If lawmakers fail to reach consensus, the maps are drawn by the Iowa Supreme Court and enacted. Our process works, which is why the legislature has always found agreement instead of sending the process to the court. The Iowa model cannot be replicated by cherry picking elements from it.”

Don’t be fooled, Vos and the Republicans want to maintain their power regardless of the will of the people. Please contact Sen. Mary Felzkowski, (District 12) at (608-266-2509)  and tell her you want voters picking politicians, not politicians picking voters.

Rick Plonsky of Harshaw

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