Woof, I’m Doody!

Let me introduce myself as the puppy with no fear. I love everyone and everything and I am not scared to dive right into new things and be independent. I am a bit smaller than my brother but my confidence makes me feel larger than life.

I am a chatty Chad when it comes to wanting my foster siblings or my brother to play with me. I have mastered play growling and barking to get their attention letting them know I am ready to wrestle. I am really getting the hang of playing fetch and I will likely need a family who will always throw the tennis ball for me.

I enjoy big dog beds and laying in the sun. Like my brother, I hope my new family continues to expose me to all new things.

Editor’s note: Pet of the week is a weekly feature profiling pets at the Humane Society of Marathon County in need of a home. To find out more about this week’s pet and the adoption process, visit the HSMC website here.