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OPINION: Wausau is now 0-3

By Keene Winters At some point, we cannot keep chalking it up to bad luck. We have to ask: Why can’t the City of Wausau find reliable developers for its signature downtown projects? The unceremonious departures of CBL & Associates, Micon Cinemas and now Frantz Community Investors raises serious questions about the city’s ability to… Keep Reading

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Analysis: Net neutrality reversal gains support, but hurdles loom

By Kelcee Griffis and Michael Macagnone/LAW 360 Congressional Democrats announced this week that they’re gaining steam in their forthcoming effort to nullify the Federal Communications Commission’s December decision to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections, with one defecting Republican giving the measure a chance of passing the Senate. Sill, if enough support is rallied for… Keep Reading


In Your Words: Insuring children is a moral issue

To the Editor: Senator Orrin Hatch had this to say in December about the Children’s Health Insurance Program (which he helped to create): “The reason CHIP’s having trouble is that we don’t have money anymore.” Senator Hatch voted for the tax bill that gives  83% of the tax cuts to the top 1% of Americans.… Keep Reading


Opinion: Dom Capers’ ouster should be just the beginning

By Shereen Siewert/Editor, Wausau Pilot & Review After a dismal season that saw the Green Bay Packers defense finish outside the top 15 overall for the sixth time in seven years, Coach Mike McCarthy could be finally poised to make a change in the defensive coaching staff, ESPN reports. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers, who has… Keep Reading

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Opinion: Who is paying for Thomas Street?

By Keene Winters Who is paying for the construction on Thomas Street in Wausau? Does anyone know? This seems to be the mystery of the decade. After all, we made it all the way through Phase I without understanding the answer. At a recent city meeting regarding the second phase of the project, questions were… Keep Reading


In Your Words: Success comes when we work together

Dear Editor: Local media gave great coverage of the city’s successful scramble in early December to provide citizens with another outdoor skating rink this winter. Also great has been the community’s grateful reaction to the news that parks staffers created a rink on the 13th Street side of Thom Field. This strikes me as an… Keep Reading


In Your Words: City should slow down on Thomas Street plan

Dear Editor: I walked away from last nights CISM meeting very unsettled. There are some items that are very alarming: They are advancing this way too fast for anyone to digest. Not three weeks will pass from when this was first announced to when the council will vote on it. A project of this size… Keep Reading

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In Your Words: An open letter on Thomas Street

Dear Editor: I ask that the Council not move forward with this design without re-evaluating that the goals of the project are aligned to currently available information, that the design is traceable to those goals, and that the negative impact to the neighborhood and tax base is an acceptable trade-off for the City. I do… Keep Reading

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Opinion: Net Neutrality repeal could damage local news startups

Information must flow freely for democracy to flourish By Matt DiRienzo/LION Publishers The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote on repealing Net Neutrality on Dec. 14. Repealing Net Neutrality would allow giant chain media to work in concert with internet conglomerates to limit access to independent, alternative, and local news sites — including Wausau… Keep Reading

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