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Letters: An educated view of marijuana supports legalization

Dear Editor: This letter is in reference to Joanne Leonard’s letter to the editor about marijuana, posted July 19. This woman is thinking with a very narrow minded view of marijuana. Yes, it has been used in very negative ways. So has alcohol and prescription pills. To say that legalizing medical use marijuana will cause… Keep Reading


Letters: Marijuana legalization in any form not supported by facts

Dear Editor: Tonight, Marathon County Board of Supervisors will discuss a resolution “to conduct county wide advisory referendum on legalization of medical marijuana.” I urge all the readers of this email to contact your county board supervisor with your opinions regarding this issue particularly if you believe as I do, that legalization of medical marijuana… Keep Reading


Letters: Weston president should resign

Dear Editor: It’s time for Village of Weston President Barbara Ermeling to resign. The level of sheer incompetence the Board of Trustees has displayed with regard to Daniel Guild’s employment is mind-boggling. I’m not criticizing the decision to part ways with Guild; that may well have been the right thing for the Village. I’m criticizing… Keep Reading


Letters: “Enough is enough” in drug epidemic

Dear Editor: I am tired of hearing horror story after horror story about friends that have had their lives destroyed by drugs. This epidemic is out of control, people are dying by the thousands due to the lack of proper treatment and care for those affected by this plague. If it’s not an overdose, it’s… Keep Reading


Letters: Modern science supports medical marijuana

Dear Editor: “There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.” ― Hippocrates My interest in the marijuana issue began two years ago when I heard a first hand account of a woman sent home to die with end-stage cancer, but who completely cured her condition by consuming… Keep Reading


Your letters: ALICE report sheds light on inequities in Wisconsin

Dear Editor: Thriving or barely surviving in Wisconsin? Here are some sobering facts from several reports. The ALICE Report is an acronym which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Wisconsinites. The ALICE report reveals the struggles our families, neighbors, and co-workers experience on a daily basis who work hard, earn above the federal poverty… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Comments are back, with a few key changes

By Shereen Siewert, Editor and Publisher From the time we launched Wausau Pilot and Review, we recognized the value in a vibrant comment section that offers a central means of distinguishing our media from its older, more traditional predecessors. Comments are critical for building online communities and ensuring that journalists participate in a two-way dialogue,… Keep Reading


Guest column: Legalized medicinal marijuana a “Trojan horse” to destruction

There is truly nothing new under the sun. And yet across the United States we are observing a discernable, well-coordinated push from political and criminal organizations to legalize marijuana. The method is well planned and organized. The general underhanded playbook is geared to first legislate medical marijuana dispensaries by establishing an “open door” through county… Keep Reading


Letters: Weston should tread carefully in administrator dispute

After reading a recent  news article about the release of  Weston Administrator Dan Guild’s personnel review, it is clear to me that the Village of Weston Board has a problem. It is a tendency to act regarding its administrator without securing professional help or advice. This is a fact that should be apparent to anyone… Keep Reading

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