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Religion: Holy listening

By Rev. Justin Smoot, for Wausau Pilot & Review As a religious leader, as one to whom others look for religious inspiration and spiritual guidance, there is a temptation to speak more than I should. There is the weight to have a religious framework, or a spiritual insight, to help people find their way through […]

Religion: Love God, not the Ten Commandments

By Rev. Justin Smoot, for Wausau Pilot & Review There are people who are absolutely in love with the Ten Commandments. I mean there seems to be a completeness to the world when they are in the presence of these commandments. The world revolves around them, even more so than Jesus. Even Christians have this […]

Religion: Lent is more than a fish fry

By Rev. Justin Smoot for Wausau Pilot & Review We have come to that time of year when Christianity becomes a health fad. To some it’s known as Lent. To others, it’s giving up coffee for Jesus. To still other’s it’s a reason to increase their fish consumption…for God. And, to pastors, it’s a season […]

Religion: Black History Month can broaden our perspective

By Rev. Justin Smoot for Wausau Pilot & Review When I was in college and seminary, I always thought the most pointless part of any class was the evaluation. It wouldn’t impact me because the professor already finished the class. So, why bother? Then, in seminary, I encountered a new question. It asked about the […]

Religion: The vanity of the Christian Nationalist

By Rev. Justin Smoot, special to Wausau Pilot & Review When we witnessed the events of Jan. 6, there were some things that stood out to me. Images of a person holding a bible aloft as the Capitol was breached. Pictures of a rough, lumber cross erected outside the building. Video of those who entered […]

Religion: The power of words

By Rev. Justin Smoot For Wausau Pilot & Review When we worship, we use language. This language, these words shape the gathering, lift our spirits, sooth our souls, illuminate our hopes, and shine forth our values. The words and phrases we use in worship ascribe attributes to God and enshrine the ideals that transform us. […]

Religion: The Christmas Cross

By Rev. Justin Smoot For Wausau Pilot & Review In these days of Coivd-19, there are many Christians who claim the right to gather and practice their religion as a sacred and protected under the law. Constitutionally, I won’t argue, I don’t have the standing, the understanding, or the time. What I will say is; […]