Gerardo Trevino, 37, of Chippewa Falls.

By Shereen Siewert

A Chippewa Falls man traveling north on Hwy. 51 is facing his fifth drunken driving charge after a cracked windshield and deeply tinted windows led a trooper to pull him over, court records state.

Police say the Gerardo Trevino’s face was covered in Cheetos cheese when the trooper approached the vehicle. Trevino, 37, appeared to be frantically chugging water from a bottle, but was missing his mouth with water running all over his face, court documents state.

Trevino, who was out on bond from a pending methamphetamine possession case in Chippewa County, allegedly showed signs of “odd behavior and stimulant usage,” court documents state. That prompted the trooper to perform field sobriety tests despite Trevino’s denial of drug use.

Based on signs of impairment, the trooper arrested Trevino, who was carrying syringe bags in his back pocket and allegedly had a baggie of apparent methamphetamine in his vehicle.

Blood test results are pending.

Trevino, who faces charges of fifth offense OWI, possession of methamphetamine and bail jumping charges, is being held on a $3,000 cash bond. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday during a preliminary hearing in Marathon County Circuit Court.

Future court appearances have not yet been scheduled.