Promote your business or organization with high impact digital advertising on Wausau Pilot & Review. Advertising dollars are always reinvested in growing the organization’s impact in the community.

Check out these incredible ad options, read through our media kit below, and contact Darren Siewert, our advertising and marketing manager, for rates and availability today at You can also call our office at 715-843-5549.

Specialty ads are available in eye-catching formats you won’t find anywhere else.

The Scratch-Off acts just like a lottery scratch-off! Specify a front image that can be scratched and an optional back image that will display underneath the scratched area. You can also enter freeform text to be displayed instead. Perfect for restaurant or grocery delivery services.

The Flyer Embed is a very simple format which displays an image and a “Click to Enlarge” call to action which will open the image in a new window. Useful for store flyers and circulars.

The Glossy Gallery: Let pictures do the talking with a prominent and elegant photo gallery. Customize to any size, but larger is better. Designed for in-story and between page modules. Upload as many photos as needed.

The Pretty Coupon is an attractive coupon that can be fit to any size. When you click on it, it opens full-screen on a mobile device. Just upload pictures and text. Great for coupon pages and grids. One of three coupon formats we offer (all of which are printable).

The Ad of the Day: Features a different slide for each day – perfect for advertising daily specials.

This is your classic Before & After ad. All you really need is a before picture and after picture. You can optionally supply a logo and additional text. Useful for contractors, landscapers, dentists, and anyone else who benefits from pictures, which really tell the story and deliver impact. It’s a flexible ad format which can be in-story or sit in the sidebar.

The “shoutout” is a simple, text-only ad that looks like a speech or chat bubble. The width and height are fixed, so it can fit into tight space.

The Real Estate Gallery is an ad format specifically for real estate agents selling property (although it could be used for other purposes). It displays a real estate company logo, an agent’s name, photo, and a place for images and details of their listing.

Countdown to a big event, grand opening or sale. Doesn’t require an image. Displays a customizable and human-readable countdown, such as “7 days, 3 hours, and 10 minutes,” which updates continuously.

Other specialty ads:

The sneaker “sneaks up” from the bottom of the page, while the a post-it note affixes to the upper right hand corner of the page for easy, effective ways to get your message across. Ask about our page peel and “chat box” option, too. Video ads are also an option!

Wausau Pilot Media Kit 2019