Our skilled journalists cover the stories that matter most to local readers, and our reach is growing daily. Since our March 2017 launch, readership has grown exponentially, with page views of more than 8,000 each day, 250,000 per month. That rate is more than triple the reach of the city’s weekly newspaper, rivaling that of Wausau’s daily.

Wausau Pilot & Review partners with Broadstreet Ads to provide the most responsive and effective digital advertising in today’s competitive marketplace. Use your graphic, let us design an ad for you, or choose from one of these eye catching formats:

The split reveal: An ad, that when hovered over, splits to reveal a message. Useful for standard banners with additional info, or perhaps plain images that intrigue users to engage with the ad. Any sized image can be used.

Real Estate Gallery: An ad format specifically for real estate agent selling property (although it could be used for other purposes). It displays a real estate company logo, an agent’s name, photo, and a place for images and details of their listing.

The box ribbon: Just supply a photo. Put a fancy ribbon on a standard ad and add text. It’s best to use this with a box ad greater than or equal to 300 pixels wide. Great for real estate and food specials.

Click to enlarge: A very simple format which displays an image and a “Click to Enlarge” call to action which will open the image in a new window. Useful for store flyers and circulars.

The glossy gallery: Let pictures do the talking with a prominent and elegant photo gallery. Customize to any size, but larger is better. Designed for in-story and between page modules.

Before and after: This is your classic Before & After ad. All you really need is a before picture and after picture. You can optionally supply a logo and additional text. Useful for contractors, landscapers, dentists, and anyone else who benefits from pictures, which really tell the story and deliver impact. It’s a flexible ad format which can be in-story or sit in the sidebar.

Advanced coupon: Just like the standard coupon, but with more options. Create a cutout-style coupon with an optional image to promote a sale or event. When your users click on it, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly page where they can print the page or keep it handy on their mobile device.

Scratch-off ad: Just like a lottery scratch-off! Specify a front image that can be scratched and an optional back image that will display underneath the scratched area. You can also enter freeform text to be displayed instead.

Event listing Facebook ad: A 300×600 (customizable) ad that dynamically pulls and displays the events for any Facebook page. Useful for event or concert venues, restaurants, bars, theaters — any organization that promotes their upcoming events on Facebook. Links to ticket sales page automatically.

The amazing 3D cube: This displays 6 images and captions of your choosing in a very slick rotating cube (on the latest browsers). Great for capturing attention, especially when it comes to food items. The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don’t want any auto-cropping or sizing.

Pop out ads, best for short promotions (ask us for a demo!):

The chat message: Display a simple, text only message to the user via a chat-style message window on the bottom right of the screen. Positions horizontally centered on mobile.

The sticky note: A text-only ad which appears as a sticky note affixed to the top right of the screen. The sticky can be positioned relative to the top right corner.

The page peel: This ad affixes itself to the top right of the screen. When a user hovers over what appears to be a “peeled” part of the page, it peels back even more and reveals a specified text-only message.

The sneaker: This is an ad format that “sneaks” up from the bottom of the page. The actual banner or image can be any size, but wide and short ads (728x90s) probably work best.

The slide-in: This is an ad format that slides into view when the user scrolls down through a certain % of the page. If the page isn’t long or doesn’t require scrolling, it doesn’t appear. This will absolutely get the user’s attention.

The pop-under: A classic popup ad, but it pops in a new window *under* the current screen instead of over. It opens a new window to a specified URL.

Promote your business or organization with high impact digital advertising on Wausau Pilot & Review. Advertising dollars are always reinvested in growing the organization’s impact in the community. Contact us for options and rates today!