Promote your business or organization with high impact digital advertising on Wausau Pilot & Review, central Wisconsin’s award-winning resource for local news. Advertising dollars are always reinvested in growing the organization’s impact in the community.

All our ads are priced by the week, ranging from $45 to $300 depending on the placement you choose. We offer discounts for longer commitments and for nonprofit agencies, and we’re open to trade advertising agreements, too. Full page sponsorships and newsletter sponsorships are also an option.

For more information, contact Darren Siewert, our advertising and marketing manager, for rates and availability today at [email protected].

Why digital?

More people are getting their news online than ever before. In fact, digital has largely replaced traditional print newspapers, even with readers in older demographics. Digital also means we can tell you conclusively how many impressions your ad receives – and we have sophisticated tools to help you determine if our readers are right for you.

Pre-pandemic, weekly newspapers were the go-to for restaurants, bars and events. That’s no longer the case, as those products have slashed distribution and are reaching far fewer people. Our events page, combined with our weekly events newsletter and dedicated events tab on our app, is the perfect opportunity to advertise your event, restaurant or bar in the Wausau area – and we have the analytics to prove it. We reach 40x more readers than the city’s weekly print newspaper and 4x more readers than the city’s daily print newspaper – with lower ad rates. That spells success for you.

From traditional banner ads to specialty ads (think scratch-off coupons, flyer embeds, Real Estate galleries, before and after ads to showcase home and landscaping services and more) we have a wide range of options to choose from.

Whether you need an ad designed or have your own graphics expert, we’re here and eager to help your business succeed. It’s all about local businesses helping local businesses.

Some facts to know about Wausau Pilot & Review readers:

  • 40% are age 35-54 
  • 76% have an annual income of $50,000 or more
  • 62% are college educated 

Top interests: 

  • Food 
  • Real estate 
  • Home & garden 
  • Health 
  • Entertainment 
  • Pets 
  • Sports 

By the numbers:

What our advertisers are saying:

“We knew we wanted to advertise with Wausau Pilot & Review  because of the easy format and no fluff, balanced coverage of the  news that affects our area. Our ads are viewed by customers  throughout the region and viewership has grown beyond our  expectations! We routinely ask our customers where they heard  about our agency and they consistently say from our ads online with  the Wausau Pilot and review.”  

Ann & Scott Hunger, owners of Travel Leaders of Wausau 

Our firm has an annual agreement with Wausau Pilot & Review for  Donahue Super Sports in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. We purchase the  Super Leaderboard ad for this client due to the results this client  receives in terms of click thru rates and impressions. The CTRs we  receive are more than double the industry standard! 

– Kevin Weber, Weber & Weber LTD 

What our readers are saying:

“An incredible asset to the community! – Dan G 

Non-political, honest reporting. Thanks for digging  deep into the things that we truly care about in this  area!” – Becky H. 

“Real news for the people! Reporting on issues of  concern in the area. Thank you!” – Deb B. 

” Actual investigative reporting that the Wausau  area deserves.” – John W. 

Email us today for more information at [email protected] and put us to work for you!