Wausau Pilot & Review is a 501(c)(3) organization that is primarily funded through grants and donations from foundations and individuals.

A number of generous individuals have contributed financially to Wausau Pilot & Review since its launch in March 2017. As a matter of policy, funders exercise no control over the Center’s editorial decisions, and all funders are publicly identified.

In February 2017, Wausau Pilot & Review received its first major gift of $50,000 from the White Family Foundation. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

Members of the Wausau Pilot & Review board of directors, who are volunteers, are financial supporters of the organization.

Our financial supporters in 2017:

The White Family Foundation

The Knight Foundation

The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Service

Darlene Svacina

Doug Diny

AM Hecht

Chris O’Keefe

Scott Parks

Jim Rosenberg

David Mueller

Thomas Mueller

Wendy Skola

Gerri Quirt

Ken & Alice Siewert

Connie O’Neal

Hadley Family Trust

Jay Huseby

Kelly Carlson

Mark Fitzke

Frankhart Ink, LTD

Keith Kubisiak

Kevin Keeffe

Michael Welles

Ron & Lois Zahrt

Patricia Metter

William Metter

Dana Nesbitt

David Svacina

Samuel Morgan

Fritz Samuels

Douglas Zeinert

Aaron Wendt

John Lippert

Dale Burgess