Wausau Pilot & Review is a 501(c)(3) organization that is primarily funded through grants and donations from foundations and individuals.

A number of generous individuals have contributed financially to Wausau Pilot & Review since its launch in March 2017. As a matter of policy, funders exercise no control over the Center’s editorial decisions, and all funders are publicly identified.

In February 2017, Wausau Pilot & Review received its first major gift of $50,000 from the White Family Foundation. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

Members of the Wausau Pilot & Review board of directors, who are volunteers, are financial supporters of the organization.

Our financial supporters in 2017:

The White Family Foundation

The Knight Foundation

The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Service

Ken & Alice Siewert

Connie O’Neal

Hadley Family Trust

Jay Huseby

Kelly Carlson

Mark Fitzke

Frankhart Ink, LTD

Keith Kubisiak

Kevin Keeffe

Michael Welles

Ron & Lois Zahrt

Patricia Metter

William Metter

Dana Nesbitt

David Svacina

Samuel Morgan

Fritz Samuels

Douglas Zeinert

Aaron Wendt

John Lippert

Dale Burgess