Thanks to all children who sent in their wish lists. We sent them on to the North Pole for Santa to read, with time to spare before he loads his sleigh. Thanks, too, to our sponsors: Marathon County Public Library, Angelo’s Pizza, The Palms Supper Club and Jerry’s County Market in Wausau. Random prize winners are listed at the end of the page. We’ll be mailing you your prize next week.

Here’s what Wausau area children are asking for this year for Christmas:

Dear Santa, I know it’s ridiculous for a teenager to write a letter to you, but somewhere in my heart I can’t help but believe in you and in the miracles you brought me when I was little. This year, please look out for my little brother, Colin. He’s struggling so much with all he’s had to deal with, and he could use some magic in his life. He lost his best friend this year and our dog died, too, which didn’t help. We’ll leave cookies and milk out for you, as always. Love always, Charlotte, age 15, Wausau

Dear Santa, Could I please have a light up tracing pad and a fairy finder? I like to make things too like bracelets and things to give other peeple. Maybe a knitting loome? I hope you bring something nice for my dad because he is always sad and works a lot. Please? Thank you! I believe in you! – India, age 6, Mosinee

Dear Santa, can I have a voice changer and a furby? Or a remote control car or plane? A drone would be cool too. I am good this year most of the time, my mom said you know everything so I am not going to lie. I try! I do. thank you Santa! – Raymond, age 7

I would like Santa to know that I have been a good boy and been learning to say a lot more words. I like to talk my moms ear off. I would like a squishmallow and some sippy cups for Christmas. I would also like my mom to have a gift card for Amazon for Christmas so we xan get stuff for our new house. We were evicted and basically lost everything
Thank you santa! – Matthew, age 2, Tigerton

Dear Santa, Hello! Its me. I have been really good this year except I was mean to my brother a couple times. He deserved it but I know I was wrong and I hope I am not on the bad list. One thing I really want this year is a piano so I can play at home and not just at grandmas. I hope you right back but I know you are busy. I love you Santa! And Mrs. Clause too! – Sylvia, age 8, Weston

Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? Say hi to Rudolph for me! I will leave cookies for you and for the deer to! Please can I have some magots and spins? And a magic set so I can learn to amayse my friends! Thank you Santa! I love you! – Jonathan, Wausau

Dear Santa, We have been naughty and we have been nice, but we are good kids. I Hextyn want a paw patrol tower. I Aeronova want a kitchen set. But what we really want is our own house. Santa we want you to know we will be leaving cookies and milk for you and carrots for you rain deer. – Aeronova and Hextyn Hafner

Dear Santa. Are you real? I believe in you. I like to draw and play games. And I want a pet. Maybe a puppy? Or a horse. I will leave cookies for you! Thank you! – Olivia, age 7, Wausau

I have been a very good girl this year, I have been over coming some medical challenges but I think I am a trooper like my mom says. I am asking for some plain sweatshirts and plain black leggings. Skin care products and makeup. I wear a size 10/12 or small in women’s. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! – Brooklyn, age 11, Weston

Dear Santa, I really want to know how old you are but my mom says that is not nice to ask. But really how old are you? I would like a picture of you and Mrs. Claus and the rain deer too. Also we moved this year so I hope you can find me. My mom says you know everything so I hope so. And I want new drawing books. Merry Christmas Santa. – Sammy, age 7, Wausau

Dear Santa, I love to draw and would really like to publish my drawings online. It is just that I do not have a drawing pad where I can draw online. I have a lot of books, colors, pens, and pencil, but I would really like a drawing pad to do more electronic drawings to post it up. – Anisha, 12, Wausau

Dear Santa, I really am not sure what I want. I love games and I love big warm soft blankets and plushies. One thing I really do want is something that would keep me busy. I have been into a lot of aiming at a target games. Maybe an arrow with targets like the nerf stuff I see at stores. – Addison, 10, Wausau

She is still young even at the age of 1. As a mother I work and can barely afford the best for my child. She really do not have toys, but when she is at other people house she loves to play with the food toys, especially the one with the velcro on where you slice up the foods. – Amelia, 1, Wausau

Dear Santa, I like cars and dinosaurs. I really want hot wheels where I can put it on a track and race them. If they have a dinosaur hot wheel track I really want it. – KenKen, 4, Wausau

I like a lot of things. I have been watching the anime One Piece and I would like their merchandise. I also have been into hunting with my uncles. Maybe a shooting game where I can practice my aiming. – Ashton, 8, Wausau

Paw patrol
Baby doll
New clothes 3t
Shoes 7 – Hazel, 1, Wausau

Dear Santa I really want a desktop computer and new socks. – Jazra, 14, Merrill

Dear Santa, Please bring my mom a new car. Ours is broken and she cant get to work. I love you Santa! I believe in you! I also want a puppy and not one that is stuffed. – Kendra, 10, Wausau

Dear Santa: My name is Kellie and I am 11 years old. My friends think it’s funny that I still believe in you but I don’t care. I don’t need anything like clothes or toys for Christmas but what I really want is for my mom to come home. I don’t know if you can do that but I thought it was worth trying. I will understand if you can’t, but maybe you could bring me a phone so I can call her whenever I miss her. Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas. – Kellie, age 11

Dear Santa, I would like a puppy for Christmas but my dad said you dont do puppys. In case you cant I would like an xbox or playstation or a hampster. Im asking for a puppy because sometimes I am lonely and I want to be able to tell him everything and trust him. No matter what I cant wait for Christmas. Sincerely, Lily

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I would like a pickleball set and some clothes from Forever 21. – Tricia, age 10

Prize winners for 2023:

  • Marathon County Public Library t-shirt and tote bag (two prizes): Ella Xiong and Brooklyn
  • The Palms Supper Club gift card: Lily
  • County Market gift cards (two prizes): Matthew and Sylvia
  • Angelo’s Pizza gift card: Kellie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Wausau Pilot & Review team. Here’s to new beginnings in 2024!