Ascension Wisconsin Spirit Medical Transport has been awarded the 2018 Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence, Ascension announced today.

The award, sponsored by the International Board of Specialty Certification, recognizes an individual or team that has made an outstanding contribution to a critical care ground transport service in any of the following areas: enhancing safety, education, leadership, patient advocacy by developing or promoting the improvement of patient care in the medical transport community.

“Our entire team is honored to be named the recipient of this prestigious award from AAMS,” said Ted Ryan, director, Ascension Wisconsin Spirit Medical Transport, in an Ascension news release. “Our mission-driven associates are part of a statewide team that delivers compassionate, personalized care and we’re delighted to share this award with them and the communities we serve.”

Since 1993, Spirit Medical Transport has provided more than 50,000 safe and timely critical care transports across their 11,600-square-mile coverage zone. Operating from four hospital-based locations, they serve central and northern Wisconsin.

The 2018 AAMS Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence was presented during the AMTC Annual Community Awards Presentations on Oct. 22 at the Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona.

Photo courtesy Ascension. Jessica Combs, paramedic, from left, Holly Moshinski, nurse, Charlie Kotke, regional manager, Joe Redding, flight nurse; back row: Shaun Piller, clinical/quality coordinator, P.J. Monday, regional manager and Ted Ryan, director.