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By David Stenklyft for Wausau Pilot and Review

Around 20 years ago, a local college student answered a job notice to be an intern at WWWX, an alternative rock station licensed in Oshkosh broadcasting in the Fox Valley.

Today, the same man who hired her all those years ago now sits across from her every morning behind the board while the two host a popular morning radio show at WDEZ in Wausau. If you’re a country fan in central Wisconsin, you’ll know them by name: They are Bryan Scott and Chandra Lynn, who have been waking up Wausau together since their debut last spring

“I was in college and changed my major to try and graduate as soon as possible, from psychology to radio, TV and film,” Chandra said, speaking of her first job in radio in the Fox Valley.. “And plus I got to intern for a great guy, Bryan.”

Her co-host, Bryan, is equally enthusiastic about his past experience with Chandra.

“She started as an intern and we couldn’t get rid of her, she did so well,” he said.

A few years later, a bigger market soon would soon beckon for Chandra. When an offer materialized at WIBA in Madison, Chandra said she simply couldn’t turn it down. A chance meeting at a Wisconsin Broadcasters Association meeting between Chandra and Tim Scott, WIBA’s station manger, meant the two had a chance to interact as part of a panel. That prompted a move and an eight-year stay in Madison, mostly on the AM side of the spectrum.

Eventually, Chandra left Madison, moving to Denver in search of a career change in the restaurant and hospitality trade. She and Bryan kept in contact, but didn’t discuss any radio jobs in the beginning.

“We’d stay in touch through social media, we always were like brother and sister.” Bryan said. “Then a spot opened up here and she was the first person I thought of and she initially said no. But I was going to do what it took to get her here.”

At first, Chandra had her doubts.

“I didn’t know if I wanted a radio career again.” she said. “But then I had a chance to move back to Wisconsin, for a job with benefits, vacation, insurance and the chance to work with Bryan again. He is so fun to work with and he is a creative genius. Plus morning radio is such a perfect thing for us. And I absolutely love Wausau.”

Part of the duo’s secret to their success is their obvious love of the job as well as their chemistry as friends and co-hosts.

“For us, it’s not really a job,” Bryan said. “We like to separate our show from other morning shows, and offer an escape from the real world. We just have fun, play music and invite everyone to join us.”

Listeners only have to tune in to notice the obvious connection. The two feel like brother and sister — people who have friendly arguments, but treat each other with respect and caring.

“We both feel like it was meant to be, we’ve helped each other through some tough times in the last year.,” Bryan said.

Hear the pair weekday mornings from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on 101.9 FM, WDEZ.