Photo courtesy Buska Retirement Solutions.

WAUSAU — Buska Retirement Solutions and Buska Wealth Management surprised a Weston family with gifts this week to help lessen the financial burdens of the family of five.

The Robinson Family. Photo courtesy Buska Retirement Solutions.

The support was given in partnership with Gradient Gives Back Foundation, a nonprofit that devotes resources to Americans in need.

The Buska companies surprised Veronica and Tony Robinson and their three children on Aug. 1 with six months of mortgage payments and other gifts donated by local businesses.

“We’re thinking of this like Christmas in August for the family,” said Sue Buska, president of Buska Retirement Solutions, in a news release. “The family spent most of November and December under a cloud of worry when Veronica began experiencing severe abdominal pain.”

Instead of celebrating, the family spent the holidays visiting Veronica Robinson in critical care. Although she has recovered enough to be discharged to her home, she still experiences complications from her many surgeries and is unable to work.

Adjusting to a single income while paying medical bills has been difficult for the family. Members of their church, Immanuel Baptist Church, reached out to Gradient Gives Back to nominate the family for assistance.

Buska said that when she and Cole Bruner, president of Buska Wealth Management, heard the Robinson’s story, they knew they had to help.

“The scary situation that they are in could happen to any of us – an unexpected medical issue could change your entire family in a moment,” Buska said. “Veronica needs time, free from financial stress, to heal and recover. And the children deserve some of the Christmas joy they missed.”

Buska and Bruner presented their gift through their local outreach program, Buska Gives Back.

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Photo courtesy Buska Retirement Solutions.