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Could this be the new Milwaukee Brewers logo?

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By Shereen Siewert

Rumors and photos are circulating the internet of a possible new logo for the 2020 Milwaukee Brewers season, a look that returns to a version of the team’s classic “Ball-in-Glove” logo, according to SportsLogos.net.

A sharp-eyed fan and baseball historian spotted the logo in a preview of a new Topps Baseball card set, which features a photo of Bernie Brewer and a new dark blue logo on the bottom left.

Topps Brewers logo

If the card preview is correct, the new logo is an update on an old favorite used between 1978 and 1994. This version, rather than the old light blue logo, is dark navy with a baseball that has two seams. The mitt is a bit different as well, with extra lettering and a more defined look. The team wore the old logo in 52 games this season.

Here is a zoomed-in (although fuzzy) version of the logo, as it appears on the card:

The team wore the classic logo, which was designed by an art student at UW-Eau Claire, in 52 of their 162 games in the 2019 season. An earlier logo used the ‘Barrelman” as a primary image, one that was originally used by the American Association of Brewers.

The team’s current logo includes an image of barley that speaks to the Brewers’ name.

An official announcement on the new logo has not yet been made.

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