Dear Editor,

We keep hearing we need to send someone to Washington DC as the next US Congressman from the 7th District who is not part of the swamp. I could not agree more.

We need someone who has lived in the 7th District most of his life, not someone who saw an open seat and decided to move to the District just to run.

Someone who has raised his family in the district, ran a small business in the district, and knows firsthand the trials and tribulations of living North of Hwy 29. Someone who has a proven conservative track record and has been a champion of the 2nd amendment, a defender of the unborn, and understands the need to create good, family supporting jobs all across Wisconsin.

Tom Tiffany has spent his time in office cleaning up the swamp in Madison, and more importantly fighting for Northwoods families.

Tom Tiffany is our neighbor, a father, a husband and a friend who calls the 7th Congressional District home and will continue to call it home. A man with true convictions and will not be bought by out-of-state special interest groups.

Please join me in voting for a man who has proven he knows how to get things done and who shares our conservative values. Please vote for Tom Tiffany on February 18, the candidate who will hit the ground running representing the people of northern Wisconsin.

Barb Morgan


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