Dear editor,
Since 1989, the top 1 percent has gained over $21 trillion in wealth while the bottom 50 percent has lost $900 billion. This has happened while most economic indicators suggest growth and prosperity.
Wausau is experiencing record-breaking economic growth, yet our median income and wages are falling while median income rises ( ie. rich are getting richer, the rest aren’t). Our poverty rate exceeds the state’s average. For working people of color in Wausau, the numbers exceed Milwaukee’s. It is apparent the “business first” trickle down model has not addressed inequality in Wausau.
An open question to our mayoral candidates (Mayor Robert Mielke and challenger Katie Rosenberg):
As public servants you are charged with supporting the needs of all residents, not just the most affluent. Many cities have attempted to address inequality in income, wealth and housing.
1. What is your plan to address income inequality and racial disparity for the working people of Wausau?
2. What is your agenda for equality in Wausau?
Bruce Grau of Wausau
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