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Dear editor,

I recently attended the Wausau mayoral candidate forum at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Wausau campus between the two mayoral candidates. It is clear that voters have two very different options to pick from. Candidate (Katie) Rosenberg states she wants to be a “change agent.” Interesting, because in 2016 Wausau voters elected another person to bring changes to Wausau, Mayor Robert Mielke. As council president, he knew exactly what need fixing at city hall. Beginning on the first day in office he rolled up his sleeves and began cleaning up the messes.

Wausau’s reputation could not have been worse. Years of lacking accountability, expensive mistakes and internal conflict led us to have a poor reputation. With Mayor Mielke’s hard work, we found our way back. Results show over $300 million in new construction in Wausau. We have experienced huge growth in the business sector, jobs were created, projects in limbo, like Riverlife phase one and Thomas Street, are set on track and completed. And a few employees that needed to go are gone.

Experience and leadership matters. Mayor Mielke has worked hard to unify this community and restore its reputation. Things are better. There is a reason the private sector is building here again. It is because the changes everyone wanted badly in 2016 have been made by Mayor Mielke, with steady leadership. The recent debate shows a clear record of success with Mayor Mielke and the other candidate says all the right buzzwords on the campaign trail.

I will be voting Mayor Mielke on April 7. We need four more years of experienced leadership.

David Torkko of Wausau

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