By Shereen Siewert

A 26-year-old former Colby High School custodian and volunteer firefighter who police say sent multiple photos and at least one video of his penis to a 17-year-old Spencer girl has reached a plea agreement that will allow him to avoid prison if he completes probation.

David A. Paul pleaded no contest to a charge of causing a child to view a sex act, a felony charges that carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

During a plea hearing Feb. 13, Paul was also convicted of three counts of disorderly conduct and was granted a deferred entry of judgment, which means that the felony charge will be dismisssed outright if he successfully completes all the conditions of his agreement. He will spend two years on probation and is required to undergo assessment, treatment or counseling as deemed appropriate by the Dept. of Corrections.

Circuit Judge LaMont Jacobson also ordered Paul not to have any contact with girls younger than 18 and have no contact with the victim.

An investigation, prompted by a phone call from the girl’s mother, began May 21. According to the police report, Paul began chatting with the girl in February through Facebook messenger and sent multiple photos of his penis along with sexually explicit messages over a two-month span — despite knowing the girl was underage. Police say Paul tried to arrange a meetup for sex several times and sent the girl a video of himself ejaculating.

Colby School Superintendent Steve Kolden told Wausau Pilot & Review that school administrators terminated Paul’s employment shortly after being made aware of the allegations.

During a review hearing set for February 2023 the felony charge will be dismissed if the judge determines Paul adhered to all the rules in the agreement.