Dear editor,

As a small businessman in central Wisconsin I have many responsibilities. Besides caring for my own family, I take seriously my role in helping my employees provide for their families. I work long hours all year to make sure I garner enough work to keep my employees working even during the slow construction season.

When I opened my business in 1997, I made an important decision. I decided to be a union employer. I had been a member of the Minnesota Laborers Union for 20 years. Through my membership, I was able to provide for my young family with a decent paycheck and healthcare, as well as be assured of a decent pension after I retired. I wanted this same opportunity for my employees. I became a signatory member of the Wisconsin Laborers Union. I have never regretted that decision.

As a strong union person, I was disturbed by Scott Walker’s systematic dismantling of the public sector unions in Wisconsin. His divisive rhetoric caused harm within families and communities which may never be repaired. Walker was supported by Sean Duffy and Tom Tiffany. Now that Duffy abandoned his seat, both he and Walker are endorsing Tiffany. I cannot imagine a worse person for this job.

I think it is time the 7th Congressional District is represented by someone who votes based on data and facts not party affiliation and special big money interests. I want someone who listens to everyday people who run our small businesses, who teach our children and who go to work every day expecting to drive on safe roads and drink clean water and are able to go to the doctor when sick. I want Tricia Zunker as my Congresswoman.

Tricia understands unions. She has been endorsed by unions. She understands farmers; her grandfather ran a dairy farm and she listens to the concerns of our local farmers. Tricia understands how important education is to our future generations. She serves as the Wausau School Board President because she knows how to lead and how to work. Tricia has stepped up and forward numerous times to use her voice for issues that matter.

Now it is our time to stand up and use our voice and our vote to send a qualified person to Washington who thinks people matter most. We are facing tough challenges ahead and I am confident that Tricia Zunker has the best skill set to tackle these challenges. Please vote Zunker on May 12.

Jack Sondergard of Edgar

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