Dear editor,

The residents of Wausau are in an enviable position: Two very qualified and progressive candidates for mayor to choose from. Katie Rosenberg has done outstanding work on the (Marathon) County Board and as well as being a civic leader in other public endeavors, while Mayor Mielke has four years of experience in providing much needed leadership for Wausau in the 21st century.

Without listing all the achievements and developments lead by Mayor Mielke and staff, one cannot help but mention Riverwalk and all the amenities and its future plans, as well as retention and growth at both Wausau Chemical and Great Lakes Cheese.

In addition, the State of Wisconsin Board of Revenue has recognized Wausau as the Best City in Wisconsin for record development in building and construction growth; plus the U.S. Government Labor of Bureau and Statistics has stated that Wausau is the Best City for job creation and economic growth. This has all been achieved under Mayor Mielke’s leadership.

Mayor Mielke is very active in community affairs, making himself very visible in the community and very accessible. He’s one of us.

Well, then, who to choose for mayor? The balance tips to Mayor Mielke. He is at the helm now with a number of projects not yet completed and perhaps projects yet to come. It simply makes sense for him to continue his work to see these projects to fruition. Wausau is finally on the right path for growth, quality of life issues, efficient use of taxpayer money and continual growth of our tax base.

Mayor Mielke shows true leadership in courageously tackling dicey issues which simply could be passed on, such as the antiquated water and sewer replacements. He recognizes that these projects politically can be difficult, but he knows these systems need to be replaced.

For this and several reasons, the balance tips to Mayor Mielke to continue in leadership for the next term.

Frederick Tealey of Wausau

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