Dear editor,

I had a lot of time to think about who I want in power at the highest levels of our government during a crisis, as we’ve been enduring, and during normal circumstances. 

 I have watched in utter amazement and horror as my country, in the guise of “safety” for its citizens have completely disregarded our civil liberties.  This extended shutdown is endangering the futures of our children, families, businesses and jobs.  The freedoms we’ve always held so dear are in danger, freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. 

I want someone in Washington who will ensure those very things are secure.  Tom Tiffany is that man and my choice for the 7th District U.S. Congressional seat.  He has fought, at the state level, for the right of citizens to bear arms, and to peaceably assemble.  He also fought for the right of business owners to run their businesses without overreach from government and the burden of heavy taxes.  

He has proven, by his actions, that he is the person I want at the Congressional level, to ensure that our citizens, now, and in the future, have the same freedoms and choices that I grew up with.


LaVerne Rondeau of  Weston 

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