The 2021 Wild Turkey Stamp by Caleb Metrich of Lake Tomahawk. / Photo courtesy Caleb Metrich/Wisconsin DNR.

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has named winners of the 2021 Wisconsin wild turkey, pheasant and waterfowl stamp design contest.

Turkey stamp

Caleb Metrich of Lake Tomahawk won this year’s turkey stamp design competition. Metrich has been painting since he was about 10 years old and is mostly self-taught.

Second place was awarded to Robert Metropulos of Arbor Vitae for his piece of a tom turkey with a hen decoy. Robert Wilkins of Kiel took third for his painting of three gobblers in deep woods.

Image courtesy Wisconsin DNR.

Waterfowl stamp

Caleb Metrich also won the 2021 waterfowl stamp design contest for his entry featuring a pair of pintail ducks in flight with a hunter and his dog in the background. The hunter in the boat depicts Metrich’s father and their hunting dog.

Second place was awarded to Keith Raddatz of Watertown for his painting of a pair of northern shovelers. Third place went to James Pieper of Iron Ridge for his mallard entry. 

Image courtesy Wisconsin DNR.

Pheasant stamp

Robert Metropulos of Arbor Vitae won the pheasant stamp design contest this year. Metropulos has been painting since he was a teenager, gaining inspiration from his mother, who was an amateur artist.

Second place was awarded to Betty Casper of Almond for her portrait of a hen and rooster in the snow. Caleb Metrich took third for his pheasant piece.

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