Dear editor,

Electing Tricia Zunker as representative of the 7th District would give the 7th District an intelligent, energetic representative who has the interests of ordinary people in mind. 

The only interests Tom Tiffany has in mind is corporate welfare and his own. As a member of the House of Representatives, he has good-as-gold government healthcare. 

It is well to remember that Tom  Tiffany (and Donald Trump) are in office, not Tricia Zunker. Riots, burning buildings, attacks on health care, the environment, equal rights and domestic tranquility are occuring on Tom Tiffany’s watch. 

The take-home message from Tom Tiffany’s homey, pickle-canning ad should be that Tom Tiffany is pickling your environment, healthcare, human rights and domestic tranquility.   

Send gerrymandered Tom Tiffany packing Nov. 3 and elect a real representative to the 7th District.

John Barker of Antigo

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