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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter that praised the “fearless leadership” of Tom Tiffany, mostly because neither of those words apply to him. (See the original letter here: https://wausaupilotandreview.com/2021/01/16/your-letters-tom-tiffany-showed-leadership-by-objecting-to-vote-certification/)

If Tiffany was truly “fearless” in his concern about Wisconsin’s ability to conduct elections, he would certainly resign his own seat until those problems were corrected. How can he claim that his election was unsullied while others were totally fraudulent? This is not “leadership” it is simple partisan buffoonery.

The writer claims that Tiffany was correct to throw out her vote in addition to everyone else in the state, because “Dane and Milwaukee counties did not follow state statutes.”  This is “well documented” she says.  Someone must have neglected to tell the State Supreme Court about those documents.  The Trump campaign sued over the results in those two counties, complaining about such things as drop boxes and “curing” absentee ballots.  The Supreme Court ruled – on the merits – that such things were not violations of state laws.  The letter writer might not be aware of these court cases, but Tiffany certainly is.  I examined in depth the stupidity of the Wisconsin Republican delegation’s objections in an essay found here: https://wivaluesvoter.substack.com/p/brilliant-gop-election-ideas-0ec.

For a congressman to continue to insist that some practice is “illegal” after the Supreme Court has ruled  otherwise shows a deep disrespect for our institutions of democracy. It is no wonder that he voted to throw out certified election results not only in our state, but states across the nation.  He continues to disrespect our Constitutional order by not clearly stating that, in fact, Biden lawfully won the election.

Finally, Tiffany did not “stand up” for the voters of Wisconsin, he threw us under the bus.  Had he been successful in his quest Wisconsin would have cast zero Electoral Votes.  

Tiffany helped write the electoral rules of our great state and when they didn’t produce the results he wanted, he decided that we should just take our ball and go home.  That is not being a leader, it’s being a sore loser.

But what else would we expect from a guy who took a nine month vacation that taxpayers paid for as the legislature here refused to do it’s job.   This is the kind of “leadership” Tiffany is used to.  No wonder that when he was offered the chance to ride his gerrymandered district right up to the champagne and caviar bars of Washington, he was off like a shot.  Like Duffy before him, Tiffany loves to live that big city lifestyle and then spouting some down home slogans in commercials every couple of years.

Bill Coady 

Wausau, WI