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To all Democrat politicians,

We have had enough of your division, manipulation and lies. We have had enough of you ignoring the Constitution, twisting its meaning. And demeaning our intelligence  by claiming it is difficult to understand. Its not!!

Mr Biden, Rep. Pelosi know exactly why the Biden/Harris ticket DID NOT win the election. That the Democrats , again, willingly ignored the law. and that the Media, at almost all levels, allows them too , does not make the election legitimate. If anything the election gave us no certifiable results. 

Article II ,  Sec 1, Paragraph 5 clearly state Congress MAY set the ” Time of chusing” AND  the Day ( singular) ” shall be the same throughout all states” !

Pursuant to this Congress DID pass law for the “Time of Chusing” and limited  it to a single day the ” Tuesday next after the first  Monday in the month of November ” 

 Volume 5 page 721. US Statutes at Large

It doesn’t get any more clear than that! Because of this law, courts have consistently ruled that early and mail in votes must remain sealed until the election DAY.

Yet States allowed late received votes to count, including PA, GA, and VA among others!. These states ignored the Constitution and the law created to restrict the election of President to 1 and only 1 day!

THAT is not a conspiracy, that is cold hard fact supported by Courts cases, and laws of these states!

We have had enough of it. Pelosi  now twice has held articles of impeachment in order to influence  Senate procedures. And again this violates the constitution which clearly states each house sets its own procedures!!

And again the Constitution is clear, an impeachment trial is to determine if a president should be removed for office ” AND” barred from holding future office. 

 It is not an either/or obligation.  The day Trump left office the Trial  became a mute point. And I suspect this is why Justice Robert’s refused to preside as the constitution  REQUIRES!  

Democrats for decades have been manipulating  the Constitution  and the laws to gain power. The lies and corruption keep mounting unchecked!

Comey’s,  in his description of Hillary’s  action regarding emails, nearly quoted word for word from the US code the laws she broke! And not one charge was filled. That’s treason

Joe Biden openly admitted he used his office and US aid to the Ukraine to get their highest Prosecutor fired! That abuse of power! His sons Company had an open case that was then closed, and Ukraine records show clearly that company and its board of directors benefited directly from that aid! AND THAT IS TREASON  not to mention nepotism! 

EVERY representative, that voted to certify  an election they knew was corrupt, is also guilty of treason.

The 50 Democrat Senator and 6 Republicans voted that the trial ‘ is Constitutional”. And that is in itself unconstitutional,  The ONLY government body that can decide what is and is not constitutional IS THE JUDICIAL BRANCH. 

 The Constitution wasn’t written as a guide, it was written as the highest law of the land. Above  every elected and appointed office. It was written by the people, for the people. It was written to be easily understood,  which it is. And it means exactly what it says, no interpretation  is needed.  If you need clarifications, that’s what the amendment process is for. 

YOU Democrats are so proud of yourselves for getting away with all of this and more. But you know you are wrong. So do we. 

If you Democrats really want unity then step down now!

The greatest  President of my time once said ” There is nothing the government  can do that the people can’t do better” And that includes making simple, clear and strong law to govern the government .

I was raised in a Democrat  household, JFK and MLK were revered by my family. You so-called Democrats  of today are anything but those men. You want people to ask YOU to ” Do”  for them. JFK extolled us to ” Ask not what the government can DO.  MLK would definitely say  the ” content of your character ” pales in comparison.  Instead of seeking to ” redistribute Political and Economic power” you are working, manipulating, and lying your way to consolidation of that power  to the few and stealing it from the people. 

You created this division because it suits your goals. That’s a choice you seem to be regretting already! 

Patrick B Adams