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Dear Editor,

The pursuit of facts and truth can often be a thankless and unpopular endeavor. This is especially so when the results present difficult and costly problems for a community and its leaders.

Further complicating matters, there can at times be moneyed interests adversely impacted if the facts are brought to public view. Even though the discoveries may provide guidance for wise future planning and actions in the community and surrounding areas, the individuals or groups conducting the search are often subjected to considerable stress and strain.

No matter where one stands on the ongoing developments in Wausau concerning the industrial pollution surrounding Thomas Street and other central areas of the city, we feel Tom Kilian should be commended and thanked for his tireless efforts to protect the people of his district and the community at large.

It has surely been an often thankless and unpopular endeavor. But it is only through the integrity and concern for others displayed by individuals like Mr. Kilian that positive change can sometimes emerge. We feel he deserves our deep appreciation.

Dave Svetlik – Kronenwetter

Tom Ivey – Wausau

Randy Radtke – Wausau

Ake Stroede – Wausau

Birgitta Stroede – Wausau

Nancy Stencil – Rib Mounatin

Virginia Kirsch – Wausau

Milt Pachal – Wausau

Rita Pachal – Wausau

Jordan Avery – Wausau

Kendall Avery – Wausau

Kelly Atkins – Wausau

Joyce Luedke – Weston

Dolores Zwahlen – Wausau

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