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Dear editor,

In the last three years, I have gotten to know many of our local officials and candidates in the Village of Weston. The next few years will have many opportunities and challenges that require sound judgement, strong principles, and informed discussion to ensure the best possible outcomes for all citizens at all levels of local government. I am not endorsing unopposed races or for the Village of Weston Board of Trustees. 

District 16-Bill Conway

I don’t know many people more informed on any issue or more hardworking than Bill Conway. He always takes time to discuss his views on items with constituents in good faith and tries to find compromise on areas where everyone can agree. 

District 21-Thomas Rosenberg

Thomas Rosenberg carefully considers every angle on each issue before voting. The County Board and his constituents benefit from his life experience and deep roots to the community.

DC Everest School Board-Josh Dickerson, Lindsay Lewitzke, and Bruce Krueger

These individuals keep politics out of the school district and never stop trying to make DC Everest better. They’ve kept the mill rate low during these trying times, attempting to minimize the burden on taxpayers.  As a proud Everest graduate, it is hard to see stronger advocates for our schools, the students, our community, and our educators. 

Marathon County Branch Two Judge-Rick Cveykus

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Will Harris and I know he is a good man. Rick, however, has been my friend and mentor for fifteen years, even serving as my Mock Trial coach in high school. His family has been in Marathon County for five generations and came back home to live and serve the community. Rick is also one of the best attorneys in the area and is in the courtroom nearly day. His experience will serve us all well as judge. I am proud to support my good friend Rick Cveykus in his bid for County Judge.

Nate Fiene, Village of Weston Trustee