Dear editor,

The members of NAOMI, an interfaith coalition of eight congregations in Marathon County, are saddened and outraged at the recent anti-Semitic flyers that were distributed in our Wausau community.

The content was hurtful, despicable and to be condemned, having no place in our community. We are a community of citizens with varied world views, but the majority have expressed a desire to value diversity, acceptance and inclusion of all citizens. We support these efforts of inclusion and encourage open dialogue in a safe, civil environment.

The greater Wausau area and Marathon County should be a place where all are welcome to live, learn, worship and work! While some may hesitate to provide fringe attention-seekers the public spotlight that they crave, world history reminds us that there can be horrific consequences if communities choose to ignore anti-Semitic actions.

And so, we call upon all residents in Marathon County to stand boldly against anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it arises. To any hate group seeking to organize in our community, know that your message will gain no traction here. Our Jewish brothers and sisters are an integral part of our community. Any attack on them is an attack against us all. We stand united together.

Bruce Chopp, president, NAOMI

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