Wausau Pilot & Review

WESTON & SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Between August 25 and September 7, 2023, the Everest Metro Police Department reported a series of incidents across the Village of Weston and the City of Schofield. Read the breakdown, or scroll to the bottom for the PDF version of the report:

  1. Lost and Found Property:
    • On August 25, a bike was found on Scott Street, Weston.
    • The same day, miscellaneous jewelry items were discovered behind a building on Grand Avenue, Schofield.
  2. Mental Health Commitments:
    • On August 26 and 27, officers responded to 3400 Ministry Parkway, Weston, for mental health-related incidents.
  3. Driving Under Influence (DUI):
    • On August 27, two separate DUI incidents occurred, one on Metro Drive, Schofield, and another on State Highway 29, Weston.
  4. Miscellaneous Investigations:
    • On August 27, officers investigated suspicious activity on Camp Phillips Road, Weston.
  5. Property Damage:
    • On August 27, a juvenile was cited for damaging property on School Street, Schofield.
  6. Runaway Juvenile:
    • On August 27, a juvenile runaway was reported from Winding Ridge Way, Weston.
  7. Drug Violations:
    • On August 28, a juvenile was cited for possession of THC and underage alcohol possession on Alderson Street, Weston.
  8. Traffic Incidents:
    • Multiple traffic-related incidents, including crashes and DUIs, were reported across various locations.
  9. Theft and Shoplifting:
    • Incidents of theft were reported on Barbican Avenue, Weston, on August 31, and Schofield Avenue, Weston, on September 1 and 4.
  10. Fraud:
    • On September 1, an identity theft case was reported from Sunline Avenue, Weston.
  11. Assault:
    • On September 4, a possible elder abuse case was reported in Weston.
  12. Fire:
    • On September 5, officers responded to a structure fire on Schofield Avenue, Weston.
  13. Agency Assist:
    • On September 6, an agency assist report was completed for an incident in Eland.

The Everest Metro Police Department continues to work diligently to ensure the safety and security of its residents. The department encourages the public to report any suspicious activities and to remain vigilant.

Note: Some cases are still active and under investigation, while others have been cleared or are considered inactive.