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Dear editor,

Is it time for change in Wausau?

Are you happy with your local politicians? Are you truly comfortable with their diversity, equity and inclusion movement, the political correctness that this ideology demands? Are you angry with the divisive “scab picking” and race-baiting that passes for their idea of social justice? Are you tired of their scare tactics with PFAS or with lead water pipes that, incidentally, have been with us forever?

Feeling a bit “hosed” with the resulting water bill? Is their demand of electric conversion truly following “The Science” or is it simply a commandment of their religion? How about their recent theatrics and confusion conducting negotiations with prospective real estate developers? Is it leaving you a bit embarrassed? Most of all, are you tired of being pounded by their “hammer” of social engineering, their utopian solutions, and do you fear their “sickle,” as they hack away at your time-honored values and traditions?

Our city is in peril, but not from racism or global warming or PFAS – and certainly not from lead pipes. It’s in peril because of a lack of business sense – a lack of common sense. The recipe for a prosperous city is simple. We need local politicians that desire a city that rewards productive work, not perpetual advocacy. We need politicians with the courage to pay more attention to taxpayers instead of “tax consumers,” representatives that won’t cower to “bull horn” activists. We need a city hall that will restrict itself to oversight of core services such as police, fire, public works and parks, representatives that value the importance of a balanced budget, low debt, low taxes and (fewer) regulations. We need supporters of businesses, businesses of all sizes, and officials that truly understand economics and the importance of a growing private sector. After all, it is the private sector that pays for a public sector. Most importantly, we need elected officials that respect free people, free markets and free choices.   

It’s time to rescue our city from the politicians that believe that our road to prosperity requires us to get our ideas from San Francisco or Madison. It’s time to make changes while we still have good people employed by the city of Wausau, highly capable department heads and hard-working rank-and-file employees. It’s time to make changes while we still have businesses and taxpayers willing to stay in Wausau.

It’s time to change our politicians.

Orlando Alfonso of Wausau.