Wausau Pilot & Review

Wausau Events will host their third Annual Wings Over Wausau Event on June 21  and 22, 2024 at the Wausau Airport.

The organization on Friday announced that the US Navy  will be joining the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, along with multiple other aviation  acts as part of the Wings Over Wausau Airshows each day. 

The US Navy will be bringing MH-53E Sea Dragons to the event, known as the Navy’s dedicated  AMCM platform, capable of mine hunting, mine sweeping, and mine neutralization. Additionally,  as a heavy-lift helicopter, it is capable of rapidly transporting troops and equipment from ship to  shore. There are currently 28 MH-53E aircrafts in operation.  

“We are extremely excited to grow our military participation at this year’s event” said Alissandra Aderholdt, Executive Director for Wausau Events “We appreciate the service of all  military men and women, and cannot wait to bring another aspect of that service to our small  town.” 

The entire 2024 Wings Over Wausau Airshow Lineup includes the following performers:

• US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team 

• US Navy MH-53E Helicopters 

• Redline Airshows (Formation Aerobatic Flight Team – Day & Night Acts) • Erik Edgren (Comedy Act & Night Act) 

• Susan Dacy (Day Act) 

• Skip Stewart (Aerobatic Day Act) 

For more information on this event or future events with Wausau Events, please visit  www.wausauevents.org or follow Wausau Events on social media.