Dear editor,

I would like to thank Congressman Tom Tiffany for his bipartisan vote on the most recent round of foreign aid bills.

As prominent politicians on both sides of the aisle have pointed out, there’s no hiding that we are facing a serious humanitarian crisis on our Southern Border. This doesn’t even include all the underfunded projects we have here at home, such as homeless veterans, failing schools and crumbling infrastructure.

As Congressman Tiffany has continuously pointed out, the situation on our Southern Border affects every American’s economic and social well-being. How can Americans be asked to prioritize the security of other countries’ borders when we can’t even secure our own? This is not to say that America should retreat from our commitments around the world; rather, we should reprioritize our focus to those who are in need here at home. It’s a simple reality that no nation can effectively manage its international commitments while dealing with a serious domestic crisis.

That is why I am in complete agreement with the Congressman’s position that our number one priority as a nation should be to find a pragmatic and effective solution to the humanitarian crisis on the Southern Border.

Terrance Schmidt of Athens

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