Dear editor,

I am disappointed with Tom Neal’s opinion of our new mayor (Wausau Mayor Doug Diny). I worked as a pilot for 42 years and after several fatal airline crashes, the idea of the captain being an all-knowing God was shown to be a fallacy. Since the 1980s, crews have been trained to use all available resources when dealing with an issue. 

Tom seems to think that because someone isn’t on their previous committee or on the one that they prefer to be on, that that is wrong. I think that there have been too many “good ole boy” committee assignments and that, perhaps, the alders have gotten too “cozy” with those that they are supposed to oversee. Just because you are not on your preferred committee doesn’t mean that your knowledge no longer exits. The information should still be available to those on that committee. They should be able to seek any information that they need from anyone on the (Wausau City) Council. They should be able to use all available resources. If an alder is not willing to work under those conditions, they need to resign immediately so we can get a group whose goal is to make Wausau better, and not worry about personal egos. 

As your recent opponent said paraphrasing a statement attributed to Einstein, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different outcome.”  The time has passed for a change in Wausau politics.

Ken Becher, Wausau

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