WESTON – One person is injured and multiple people are expected to face charges after one teenager shot another teenager with an Airsoft pellet gun in the Target parking lot on Sunday.

Wausau police, who are supplementing Everest Metro officers this week, were called to the department store, 2727 Schofield Ave., around 8 p.m. for a report of shots being fired. Target was on lockdown for about 15 minutes while officers ensured there was no danger to the public, and multiple agencies responded to the scene.

One juvenile boy, whose age was not immediately released, fired two shots into an open car window, hitting the victim in the neck, police said. The boy suffered minor injuries.

One juvenile suspect is in custody, but an investigation is underway to identify the other teens involved in the incident, police say. The shooting took place after two rival groups of teens agreed to meet in the parking lot to fight.

The shooting comes at a time when the community is already on edge following a Wednesday shooting rampage that left four people dead, including an Everest Metro police officer. A candlelight vigil to honor the victims of Wednesday’s shooting took place just blocks down the street immediately prior to the pellet gun incident.

The name of the suspects facing charges will not be released publicly unless they are charged as adults.