When a 6-3 Road Trip is a Disappointment…and Other Stuff

By Keith Kubisiak, for Wausau Pilot & Review

Raise your hand if you would have taken a 6-3 road trip for the Brewers. Yep, I have my hand up here. I can understand losses, but losing the way they did was what was disappointing. They had the lead in all three of the losses going into the 6th inning or later. In a National League Central division that is shaping up to look like every team will be beating up on each other, the wins that you “give away” could prove costly. Yes, I know that it is early. Yes, I know it is the first road trip of the season.

Keith Kubisiak offers his musings on Wisconsin sports each week in his guest column, “My view, from the couch.”

The Brewers have now activated a marketing strategy that as I have learned from all of those movies like “Scarface,” and other drug-centric/underworld type films, have given us a “taste” of what they can do. They now have us “hooked.” You show the fans some success, the expectation levels change. I know I have to have measured optimism. I know they are going to break my “Brew Crew-loving” heart multiple times this year. (See the three losses on the road trip.) I don’t care. I also know that in this very column only a few short weeks ago I reminded you and me that “they’re young.” Again, I don’t care. This is what I like to call the “beautiful irrationality” of fandom.

FAIR WARNING: This will be a common theme with me and the twisted relationship I have with the teams I follow.

Eric Thames has made a fantastic impression on fans with his bat and a recent quote in USA Today regarding him coming to the Brewers: “I came to Milwaukee before I signed, checked it out, and after an hour I knew it was where I wanted to be. I love the Midwest. I love the hospitality of people. And Milwaukee has great beer.” “I love beer.” This is the master class in how to go from “fan favorite” to “LEGEND” in one easy step. The fans will have their opportunity to show their love quite often as the Brewers start a 10-game home stand.

I have now been sucked in to the Bucks playoff run. I will watch my step as I hop on the bandwagon. Hopefully there still is room.

The Packers started OTA’s and final preparations for the draft that will happen April 27-19.

A.J. Hawk was signed so that he could retire a Packer. This is a fitting end to a career that spanned 11 seasons. Nine were with the Green Bay Packers.

Now for the other stuff:

I know we are way deep into prom season. When did it become almost a prerequisite to have an elaborate “prom-posal”? I know I sound like the grumpy old man yelling at kids to “GET OFF OF MY LAWN.” I also know that it has been “many years” since I went to prom. Social media has been the vehicle by which I have been exposed to these “prom-posals.”

When did things go from having to get enough guts to ask a young lady to prom, while staring at your shoes, while managing to not vomit on said shoes, to a freaking Broadway production number that she already knows is coming because her BFF Emily told her about the upcoming “prom-posal” in homeroom via Snapchat? Now this poor girl has to crank up her acting skills to feign enough surprise so as not ruin the video that three of her other gal-pals are posting to their Instagram accounts in hopes they garner enough “likes” or retweets to guilt their boyfriends or “boys-that-are-friends” into following suit! WHERE DOES IT END?!

Another vicious cycle that need to be stopped!

Oh, and another thing regarding proms: When did guys stop wearing tuxes? Discuss, and get back to me on that one.

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The author is a huge fan of the Badgers, Packers, and Brewers. Even though he is not a big fan of the NBA, the Bucks are very slowly starting to grow on him (it’s about time.) He played youth hockey for nine years with aspirations to play Division 1 hockey, but lacked two things on his quest: ability and talent, shortcomings which, sadly, are also evident in his golf game. His passion for sports will be very apparent as you read “My View…From the Couch.” Reach Keith at kubi777@gmail.com. On Twitter as @keithkubi.