Dear Wausau,

I lived in Wausau during the Bush Administration, the first term of the Obama Presidency and watched as 9/11 happened when we first arrived. I even had a business in the 400 Block downtown for five years. My husband and I were relocated back to Las Vegas for four years but retired in the area a year and a half ago. We returned to WI in large part because our children and grandchildren reside in Wausau. Our love for the people who call this home is the rest of the reasons for hanging our hats in the beautiful countryside. Wisconsinites are the kindest people I have ever met. We may have different religious and political views, but overlook them when it comes to friendships or helping those in need. When one hurts we all hurt and are affected in part by it. Kindness should be Wisconsin’s middle name.

This is why I found it disturbing to read so much negativity regarding the lineup at the fair this year. Ted Nugent is more than a right wing republican, he is also an incredible talent. Should we base our entertainment on someone’s political views? I surely hope that we won’t fall into this trap, it will only cause a great sense of division between us. There are many singers, actors and actresses that have made me shudder when they have taken a hard stand opposite from mine,  but I can still enjoy the talents that they bring to the stage or on screen. If someone is that offended by comments Mr Nugget has made in the past then they are free to skip his show and enjoy the Tilt-a-Whirl or Cotton Candy in the meantime. You’d most likely find me eating Elephant Ears if Madonna were taking the stage.

The recent tragedy of four lost lives had nothing to do with political views. It was perpetrated by a man who was unbalanced and lost his sanity. We mourn those we lost and continue to console those left behind to pick up the pieces. We pray that nothing like this will ever happen again. But, to make this out to be a political issue is downright wrong!

Love covers a multiple of sins.  And, love will conquer that which divides us. If we allow this hate of one another to grow and continue to let political views rule us then we will never be one community.  Is it to much to ask that we love one another as Christ loved the church? Can we be a community that looks for the good in others instead of the bad? If we spent as much time building one another up instead of finding fault can you imagine what a great people we might become?

Just adding my two cents.

Janet Lawrence