Dear Editor,

This article is being written on behalf of the Abramowicz, Kaczmarczyk, Cwikla American Legion Post #547 in Lublin, Wisconsin, all the American veteran organization members, and EVERY veteran throughout our great state and nation who have served our country selflessly to preserve the independence we have.

The Lublin post was chartered on May 25, 1956 and bears the names of three, valiant young men who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedom to choose our destiny today. Of the three Abramowicz brothers who served in WWII, Alex Abramowicz was killed in action at Monte Casino, Italy in 1944.  Joseph Kaczmarczyk lost his life in Korea in 1951.  Leroy Cwikla was killed in action during the Vietnam War in 1967. They, and many others like them, served with honor and are true patriots!

Many have served through the years beginning with the struggle for independence in 1776 and all other calls to arms to this day. After the conflicts were concluded by armistice or treaty those who were fortunate enough to return picked up the pieces of their interrupted lives, rolled up their sleeves, and went to work. Many returned damaged for life.  We should sustain their needs unequivocally without the thought of monetary cost and bureaucratic red tape. The men and women who served are more than Veterans; they are the heart and soul of our communities. They deserve our respect and gratitude, not just on Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but every day!  It is our humble veterans who deserve our attention – not the rioters, protestors, and looters who sacrifice nothing running rampant through the streets of our cities and on university campuses causing mayhem and destroying other people’s property.

I urge all citizens to come together this Memorial Day and give thanks to almighty God for those who selflessly gave of themselves so that we may have the chance to live in peace.

Chris Kulinski,


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